Third Floor : Lounge

    • Rika Minami
    • #146901

      Hey! It was we’re here for! *laughs* Cheers! *They continued on with their conversation while enjoying the music and drinks*

    • #147441

      *In the lounge area the spring beverage special would be the Cherry Blossom Cocktail. He made a few and then had the patrons try it. Their satisfied looks was enough to help him in his decision.* Happy Spring and Cheers!

    • Jean Grey
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      Those cocktails definitely look refreshing! Lady Ginko, how are you! *smiles* Lady Tama, you are everywhere! I hope you are also enjoying the arrival of Spring as well and not just working!

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      *She giggles at Lady Grey’s statement.* I’m doing fine, domo arigato! Hai! *She bows as she puts the drink before her.* The reason you find us in many places is because they are parts of our family/clan’s businesses. So, we do all sorts jobs in different venues to do our part. This is how we have such a huge empire and a great mansion to stay in with all our beloved ones. We work hard to pay our bills. ;)

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      *Strides into the nightclub, he notices the cherry blossom cocktails. He helps himself to one and sits near the window of the lounge, where there is a nice cozy couch where he can lean back and enjoy the music.*