Introductions continued… (please introduce yourself)

    • Sumiko Kawai
    • #166255

      Hello there!! I’m Sumiko Kawai, feel free to call me granny Sumiko. I’m  making my way through the  borderlands with some friends! See you soon! // some more info in profile//

    • #166324

      Hi ya’ll! The name is Sheba Koffin but everyone calls me Kofi! I’m a bounty hunter that ends up in this world where I hope to start my new journey.
      (I added some information to my profile. I hope I can add some more later. Thank you all for the great information here.)

    • #166478

      Hello nice to finally meet you all, my name is Raven Akihiko  a/k/a the dashing le’noble prince son of Raizel-Cadis and Rose Heita, i am the one and only brother of Erin Himiko Heita. *takes a bow* ///information on bio.///

    • #166659

      Hello I’m Boruto Uzumaki , Son to Hinata and Naruto. It’s a great honor to meet you all.

    • #167080

      Hello everyone my name is Yuan, my guardians/parents are wei ying and lan wangji it is nice to meet you all my information is on my bio.

    • #167180

      *bows in respectful greeting* My birth name is Lan Huan but please just call me Xichen it is an honor to meet you. I am the twin brother of Lan Wangji and I look forward to meeting you in due time and information on me is listed on my profile and will be updated accordingly with time.

    • Aoe Nikkari
    • #167356

      Hello everyone my name is Nikkari Aoe nice to meet you all *He gave a bow of respect to them all* I look forward to meet you information on bio will be updated accordingly.

    • #167427

      Hello everyone my name is Juzumaru Tsunetsugu alittle of my bio is on my profile but I’ll add it here as well. With Nikkari belongs to the Aoe school. One of the five most famous swords in Japanese History forged nearly a thousand years ago by Aoe Tsunetsugu it was presented to the famed monk Nichiren as a gift from a follower to celebrate his founding of Kuon-ii temple on Mt. Minobu In 1281. I like messages only if they are from people I know. I like both one on one Rp’s and also group Rp’s. I’m here to make new friends.I was invited to join you by Jae and my brother Shin. I hope to meet you all someday. -Bowed Respectfully after introducing himself-

    • Persephone
    • #167479

      Hello mortals and gods alike. I’m happy to be here. My name is Persephone or Kore. You can call me whatever you like. I am the daughter of Demeter, Goddess of Harvest. I, Persephone is the Goddess of Spring. I hope I can be friends with anyone I cross paths with. I do good with group and one on one roleplays. I hope everyone is having an awesome day.

    • Da Qing
    • #167481

      Hello my names Da Qing. I am from the drama Guardian nice to meet you, I was invited here by Shen Wei and Zhao Yun Lan some time ago and I almost did not join yet changed my mind gomen for that. I do not like messages and please no match making I am not interested in a love/mate thank you. Information about me is in my bio.

    • Souza Samonji
    • #167590

      Hi i have been trying to get here for almost 2 weeks now, my name is Souza nice meeting you all. I am friends with Mato and Tarotachi *Bows*