How to use Skyrie (non-rp / tips)

    • Touma Kamijou
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      // Gonna ask you all did anyone try to edit post? Im trying to edit something but it wont work

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      // Mastered a few of these. So there’s supposed to be a blog? I hope they fix it. That would come in handy.

    • Junko Hattori
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      this is some useful information, I wish google+ had this. Ah gomen that is where I came from but I found this site and I was hoping my friends might be here.

    • Latina
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      * Reads all tips then re-reads it to make sure everything was carefully read and understood* “Got it Thanks for posting this.”

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      // in all seriousness!! If you’re creating an over 18 disgusting furry/ hentai group… At least have the fuckin brains to set that shit to private!!!!!!!

      @skyrie right Captain?!

      For fucks sakes…..

      (reworded because PEDO RP SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED)

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      // It’s one thing to like furries and hentai. But that sexually matures stuff SHOULD be private.  This is not a damn PORN site go to a PORN site if you need to rp that stuff.

      And pedo is just lowlife rp. Something is mentally wrong with you if that’s what you’re into. Get some Psychiatric HELP!!

    • Touma Kamijou
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      //I saw someone made a hentai rp group yesterday, did anyone join that?

    • Touma Kamijou
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      //I saw someone made that group hours ago if you check on the group tabs and newest ones

    • Takatin
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      // this is what happens when you let certain things slide…