Visiting Yggdrasil

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      Hadesu: *Hadesu appeared in the nearby village of Yggdrasil. His messengers have mentioned he was going to be needed and he wanted to make himself available to the group that would soon summon him. He made himself look like a regular person in order to maintain the lease suspicions. And kept a distance from the regulars around there since touching the wrong person would be equal to taking them to the spirit world with him. He made his way past the village and entered the sacred temple. He sat on the bench as he waited for Noloty to call upon him.* I can sense them approaching.

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      *A portal opens a few feet from where Hades was sitting, out came Rika, LuzHela and Lilith followed by Noloty* We are here, please stand beside me as I make my request. *The portal closes behind them and she walks towards Hades. She does a curtsy bow and makes her request*

      Lord Hades, I humbly come to you to make a request on behalf of the sisters, LuzHela and Lilith. They wish to seek their sister Ginko, who also was taken to Gehenna’s Road or at least close by. LuzHela has seen an entry to that road at your realm. Please Lord Hades, lead these sisters to this entry so they may find their sisters.

    • Rika Minami
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      *Arrives at Yggdrasil with Noloty and the two sisters. At first, she stands quietly next to them as Noloty does her request then leans closely to Lilith and whispers* So you still have those sinister plans to persuade the goddess against the family?!? Let it go! Is not going to happen!

    • Lilith Ravendawn
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      *Looks at Rika, shocked to learned that she had read her thoughts and leans back at her with a sinister grin* Get out of my head, mutant!

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      Hadesu: *He would turn around as he listened to Noloty and slowly make himself visible to them.* My beloved Noloty, I cannot refuse an audience with goddess Urd. Therefore, I am here as promised. Indeed, Hela knows the way to the door she remembers from her time in the realm of the netherworld. For she is *he would look at LuzHela* My beloved daughter after all. I raised her when her human family perished. Therefore, she has the right of passage into the underworld and she may take any companions she wishes to take. *He looks at Noloty.* Goddess Urd, it is not recommended that you visit where they wish to go. Although you may not immediately change, your demoness will be tempted by the dark aura within that place but Rika should accompany the ladies, in case they lose their own way. The path they wish to follow is part of their destiny and it shall be fulfilled. Lilith, you already feel the aura of the road to Gehenna’s Gates tugging at your soul, if you don’t fight it while you are there, it will consume you. Those in Gehenna will not look upon you as favorably as you may believe. They no longer see you or your sisters as one of them, they view the three of you as traitors to your kind for aligning yourselves with the family. If you three do not remember why you became close to the family, your souls will be consumed in immortal suffering. *he looks at Rika and opens his hands to hand her a purple gem.* This my lovely lady is for you to bind Lilith, Hela and Ginko if you see them losing their way. *He then looks to Hela* Do not disappoint me! I am not a forgiving god! *He puts his hand on her head and points to the door she must follow and he then disappears.*

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      *Hela would listen to Noloty summon Hadesu, she could feel him there and when he appeared before them her eyes widen.* I get to see him again. *she thought quietly and admired him. She would focus on every word that they spoke to her. Her eyes became somewhat watery when she heard him acknowledge her as a daughter, even if he wasn’t her real father. He had finally said the words she longed to hear since their last adventures where she wanted to know her relation to the god of the underworld.* I’m honored that you acknowledge me Lord Hadesu! *she bows before him hiding her watery eyes. She carefully clears the tears hoping no one notices her emotional momentum.* I wish to retrieve my beloved sister Ginko but if we do find others along the way we will lend a hand in bringing them back safely. *This also explained some of the powers she had, since she had gone from being a human to being a demoness. At least that’s what she figured the reason for her demonic side were. But it definitely explained why she recognized areas of the underworld and remembered that passage.* I knew my memory would be of good use. *she grins and sees the door that leads to the spirit world behind the sakura tree of Yggdrasil. She then bows to Noloty.* Goddess Urd, or rather Noloty, I am grateful for your help in summoning Lord Hadesu! Lilith and I will be pleased to be accompanied by Chief Rika, especially since she has a stronger aura, we wont have to babysit her. *she teases* Right Chief Rika! Let’s us depart!

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      It was a pleasure to have helped you, Princess of the Underworld! *smiles then winks at her* As for you two! *looks at both Lilith and Rika* This is NOT the first time you both have been in a journey together, so I plea that you take your differences aside and make this work. Take this journey as a trail, especially you, Rika! Embrace that gift that was given to you and follow Lord Hades instructions with the gem. *softly touches Lilith’s cheek* Don’t be tempted my precious Medusa! *steps backs as the portal to the Underworld opens* Good luck ladies!

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      *Helena had to sneak out of the mansion so she could show Rose where Yggdrasil was.* I know you seek to find out more about your parents. Momo informed me that she gave you the book while you were in spirit world. Here you should seek out Noloty, she’s in Goddess Urd form right now, so don’t be frightened when you see her in goddess size. I have to head back to the mansion. Everyone is worried that I have over exerted myself and I want them to rest easy as well. *she kisses her forehead.* Good luck Rose chan! I hope you find those answers you seek and I hope they aren’t painful.

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      *Rose entered Yggdrasil with her grandmother’s help, as she held the book her aunt Momo had given her with some information she required* Arigato grandmother, but everyone is right you should be home resting. *she looks around slightly* I hope miss Noloty won’t mind… *she rubs her head a bit* I really appreciate all the help everyone is giving me… I just want to know the truth and know why they left me.

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      *Sitting in the library of Yggdrasil with Goddess Urd reading quietly and sipping tea. He sensed a presence enter Yggdrasil.* Urd, it seems we have company seeking your help.
      *He appears before Rose, a tall figure with tan skin and grayish/white hair. His golden eyes immediately fixed on the book she was holding.* Do you not know how to utilize this book? *he points at it and slams his hand against the temple wall as he hovers over Rose.* Are you not part vampire and part wolf? *he spoke almost as if here were scolding her. He then sits down so that he can be at eye level with her.* You must awaken one vampire eye and one lycan eye in order to see the images presented in this book. *He calls forth Noloty.* If you do not know how to do this, perhaps the goddess can help you awaken them.

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      *She was busy placing books backs on the shelves until she heard Thoth speak to her; she turns to see him but he had already disappeared from her sight. She places the books on top of a table and appears next to him, she stood almost as tall as he and sees how Rose widens her eyes in shock due to her height. She slightly jumps as she hears Thoth slamming his hands over the book and chuckles quietly seeing Rose’s reaction* Thoth-sama, can’t you see you are frightening the young lady! *Walks towards Rose and kissed her cheek* Hello my dear! *takes a quick peak at the book* Interesting book you have there. Come follow me to the library and I will see if I can help you. It seems you need to do an awakening spell. *smiles as she leads Rose to the library*

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      *she was indeed startled by Thoth and Noloty’s height compared to her own. She also jumped from being what felt like scolded by Lord Thoth* G-Gomen and h-hai, I-I am part vampire and wolf. I didn’t know it was possible to do that. *she replied as quickly as she could to Lord Thoth before she calmed a bit as Miss Noloty kissed her cheek and spoke* Arigato. *she bows before following her to the library* I’m sorry if I’ve interrupted anything. *she felt bad now as she hadn’t realised Miss Noloty had company and she didn’t want to be a nuisance*

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      *Looks back at her and smiles* Of course not my dear! *Walks inside the library and keeps walking towards the other end* I will be more than happy to assist you! *Reaches a wall and knocks it three times and a door magically forms* In this room you will practice the spell. Take a seat and I will bring the ingredients for you. I’ll be right back! *smiles then heads out the library to search what is needed*

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      *she nods and smiles a bit as she was glad she wasn’t being any trouble* Hai. *she took a seat and waited for her to gather what was needed for the spell*