Inception to an Apocalypse

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      *With Lady Helena’s pulses increasing and seemingly feeling hot, she wondered if the seraphic goddess would soon be releasing fire upon the earth. If so, their problems would only get worse. She wondered who Toshizo was confronting. The young girl looked familiar and her powers were also abominable. But she turned to see the young guy she was keeping from harm. His eyes, were they recording these events or was he reporting to a higher entity? She remembered the words of the gods. That other gods would be watching and judging the events. This worried Hikari greatly. These gods only witnessing this destructive force would not know the kind and sweet woman that resides in the heart of the matter. * We need to put in more than just our full strength to keep her contained.* Lord Gin! What could be keeping you! *She figured he must have encountered several obstacles along the way trying to keep him from getting to them.* @shiroyassha *She turned back to look at her beloved queen Helena and held up her shield as it spread a strong fairy magic barrier around Helena to and the elders putting their bodies at risk.*

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      *Lord Sesshomaru could sense her grief and her pain.* Never! We would never do such a thing! Just resist as much as you can, my beloved niece! We’re here for you!