**Welcome to Otose’s Snack House (A Small Kabukicho Pub)**
(Only RPs)
Ms. Otose (Terada Ayano) is the original owner of Otose’s Snack House & Bar, affectionately known as ‘Snack Otose’ and is directly below the Yorozuya (she is also the landlady for Yorozuya). This is a small pub and snack house for the people of Gintama Town/ Kabukichou to hang out and drink.

Specialty: Good hospitality to those who deserve it, sake, birru and snacks. Tabs are accepted if you’re unable to pay for your drinks and snacks.

((Group owned by GrandSugarClan))

1: Have Fun!
2: Be nice to your fellow members
3: Please RP as if you are in Otose’s Snack House.
4. Don’t mistreat the staff.
5.: New group members and new rp characters entering our group, please join Skyrie.net group and read the topics in the forum so that you understand how to get around Skyrie.
6. Anything we deem to be a disturbance to the group will be deleted without warning.

Group admins

  • Profile picture of Kintoki Belial GoldSugarDemon Sakata
  • Profile picture of Catherine Nabiki Latchkey-Kuno (AmantoNekoSugarDemon)
  • Profile picture of Otose Ayano Terada (DarkDevaSugarDemon)
  • Profile picture of Tatsugoro Terada ~ カブキチョウの幽霊 SugarDemon~
  • Profile picture of Leukocyte King Sakata (RoyalSugarDemon)
  • Profile picture of Gintoki Lucifer WhiteSugarDemon Sakata
  • Profile picture of Tama Esmeralda Hayashi-Sakata (AndroidMaidSugarDemon)

Group mods

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  • Profile picture of Ginko Sakatachi (Lady Snowblood SugarFiend)
  • Profile picture of Zenzou Hattori Shinobisugardemon
  • Profile picture of Takatin
  • Profile picture of Kikuno Yato de Okita Godai *ChrysanthemumDeusaSugarSoul*
  • Profile picture of Kagerou "Joey" ShouZura Kotaro (NobleFurySugarSoul)
  • Profile picture of Dragonia "Elizabeth" エリザベス, 江蓮 OddSugarBeast
  • Profile picture of Brandon Reijiro "Rei" Sakatashi Heat (UndeadSugarDemon)