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Catherine Nabiki Latchkey-Kuno (AmantoNekoSugarDemon)

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Full Name: Catherine Nabiki Latchkey d’Kuno
Nicknames: Kyasarin, Cat
B.Day Aug. 21st
Race: Amanto/Neko/Human
Married to Tatewaki Kuno
adopted daughter: Noloty
Member of the SatoAkuma Elder of the SugarDemon family within the GrandSugarClan.

Bio: “An amanto who resembles a cat. At first, she seems to be a diligent worker at Otose’s snack shop who is trying to support her family, but soon reveals herself to be a thief. Despite this, Otose hired her again after she was released from prison. She used to work as a thief with three others.”
(Source: MyAnimeList)

// the difference between the original Gintama character Catherine and my character is that she has her own quirks and she’s a crossover with Nabiki Tendo of Ranma 1/2 //