Official group ABOUT the GrandSugarClan.
We are a group of roleplayers that have made our way to Skyrie and made this our new home.

The majority of us know each other.

There are many of us but it’s good to understand that we are as diverse as our numbers. Some of us are very private. Some are more social than others.

Our GrandSugarClan initiated on Facebook several years back starting as the SugarDemons with Helena (SweetSeraphimSugarDemon) and Gintoki Lucifer (WhiteSugarDemon)’s first marriage and having children. It then expanded from there. We then chose to use GrandSugarClan as our umbrella name since there are so many groups of our clan.

In the forum topics we elaborate a bit on the name and anything else we can think of of interest.

To meet us or find out more about us, please join or read the posts in this group.
Thank you!

// Additional Note: Please understand being in this group doesn’t make you a member of the GrandSugarClan. Only leaders of each individual branch decide who is part of our clan. Several branches of the clan are no longer taking in members. Those interested speak to admins or mods of this group. //

Group admins

  • Profile picture of Isao "Gori" Kondo (GorillaSugarDemon)
  • Profile picture of Ginko Sakatachi (Lady Snowblood SugarFiend)
  • Profile picture of Kintoki Belial GoldSugarDemon Sakata
  • Profile picture of Satan Kurotoki Sakatano (NeroVâlvătaieSugarFiend)
  • Profile picture of Sesshomaru Bokyosei 殺人的SugarDemonDog
  • Profile picture of Gintoki Lucifer WhiteSugarDemon Sakata
  • Profile picture of Thoth Caduceus (Satō no kami)

Group mods

  • Profile picture of Devilman ^Lord of the GalactoseBestiarusz^
  • Profile picture of Bon Ryuuji Suguro Kondo (AriaDragoonSugarFang)
  • Profile picture of Shinneko Tekada (FeroceSatouUltharian)
  • Profile picture of Hikari Asukahime Inoueku (AutumnPeachWarriorSugarFairy)
  • Profile picture of Rose ShadowLight Heita
  • Profile picture of RozuTsukiko
  • Profile picture of Scavar GoldenHeart Klaim
  • Profile picture of Koenma Jr. Prince Daioh (RegalSucreSpiritus)