Hi! This is Rocky, welcome to my humble home. It’s small, cozy and has a nice
big back yard for my training.
My friends are welcomed to come visit and stay over if you need a place to crash.
Many of us were allies since the time of a pre-apocalyptic event that brought us together
as we entered the Skyrieverse. We were sheltered at Sugarview hospital and thankful for
all the care and hospitality given to us by the attentive staff there. So many of us
became friends and allies and still keep in touch and get together at all our favorite places
to hang out.

This is my house, my rules and my discretion as to who can stay here and who cannot.

1. RP as if you’re at Rocky’s House.
2. Respect Rocky and his friends and guests.
3. Have fun.

**Note, if I don’t know you or never rp’d with you, I might remove you from the group.

Rocky is a loyal ally to the GrandSugarClan.

// This group was formerly used to help guide my rp friends and rp friends of the GSC to use Skyrie.
I’m no longer doing that here. I suggest you visit Skyrie.net group and Skyrie Sandbox to begin your
journey on Skyrie. Thank you!

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