Tenjin’ya Inn: Bed & Breakfast for Spirits

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      // New RP//
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      *First Kyo-Ichigo and Tetsu-Shiro would take Byakuya and Renji to the Tenjin’ya inn to rest after their trip and enjoying the food of Sato no Kokoro Restaurant. Once they were settled in Kyo-Ichigo would return for them at a later time and help them meet up with the others in Hades and then those of the living world.* This is the place! Get plenty of rest. This place in Hades is great! You’ll see!

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      *He enters and looks around. He then turns to Kyo-Ichigo.* These are excellent accommodations. We will get some rest. *After checking in, Byakuya enters his room and closes the door behind him.*

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      *Renji bows to Kyo-Ichigo and Tetsu-Shiro* It’s great to see you both again. I think I’ll get some rest as well! Arigato for helping us out of the borderlands, for the kick ass dinner and for bringing us here. *pats Kyo-Ichigo’s back* Heh! You’ve outdone yourself! Oyasumi! *he enters his room where he sits drinking in robe for a while, until he’s sleepy, he closes the door to his room and falls asleep.*

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      *Odanna gratefully accepted his guests. He got them comfortable rooms to stay in and made sure they had everything they needed.* If a need for anything else arrives, please feel free to let me know.