Graveland: The Dark Warzone, a dark battlefield covered with blood of fallen enemies, hence it’s name. This field is where battles take place with your enemies. (rp only please)

Graveland: The Dark Warzone is located far away from the cities and larger villages. It is the perfect battleground to lure the malicious ones in order to keep the innocents safe from the destruction that the extreme battles bring. On occasion, it’s used as a place to spar with each other because of the high levels of powers they possess and donโ€™t wish to cause damage to the places they reside in. Some deviant creatures make their home here and enjoying attacking those who enter here unexpectedly. Understand that this place filled with dangers and old abandoned areas and cities. Beware traveler, this is a risky place to walk in the dark hours. (Please note that althought this group was made for the GrandSugarClan, all are welcomed to use it as long as you follow the rules and etiquette).

Rules/ Etiquette:
1: Be creative and have fun.
2. Respect each other by discussing any battles before you begin/ also donโ€™t interrupt ongoing battles (please discuss these privately, not in this group).
3: This place is for RP ONLY
4: Please note etiquette for roleplay fighting the forums under topic “Graveland (files) RP Fighting Etiquette”.
5: NO SPAM! NO RL drama or bullying.
6: Give people time to respond. Donโ€™t expect them to be on 24/7
7. If you donโ€™t respect the rules we will kick you out without warning.

Group admins

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Group mods

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