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Roy Sato MustangHijikata (FlameAlchemistSugarDemon)



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Full name: Roy Sato Mustang Hijikata Saotome

Alias: Flame Alchemist, Hero of Ishval, Roy-Boy, Chief
Proud member of the Sato Naphalem branch of the SugarDemon family within the GrandSugarClan.
ClanName: FlameAlchemistSugarDemon

Father: Toshizo Hijikata Saotome
Mother: Etsu Mustang (deceased, died while giving birth to Roy)
Step Mother: Ginko Sakatachi-Hijikata
adoptive Mother: Helena OkumuraSakata (SugarDemon) // note: she is not his biological mother. Only by adoption and because she has raised him as a son.//
Grandfather: Ranma Shukumaru Saotome
Half younger Sisters: Towa, Setsuna, Moroha
Love Interest: Charlotte Roselei
Birthdate: March 25 (1885)
Height: 5’8″ (173 cm)
Race: At first he only exhibited human features but later his hybrid blood awakened. Due to his father Thorny Toshi he is now part-vampire and hybrid.

Basics: Roy Mustang is the “Flame Alchemist,” having absolute control over heat and fire through alchemy. Using special gloves that create a spark when he snaps his fingers, Roy can create anything from a tiny ember to burn a letter, to a raging inferno that can destroy a humanoid body in seconds. His precise control over the alchemically enhanced flame is so accurate that he can boil the water in a persons’ eyes and can also attack enemies amongst a riot without hurting any allies.

Outwardly arrogant and playfully manipulative, Roy is intelligent and almost always one step ahead of his opponents, and likes to feel in control of the situation.

He moved to Skyrieverse with his family and helped form the Amestris State Military in this new land when he moved together with the majority of his clan. Only a few of his original service men and women survived the trip. His military companion Riza Hawkeye died.

His current love interest is Charlotte Roselei. After losing Hawkeye, he decided to be more open about his feelings towards his new love interest.

Skills/Abilities: Fire Alchemy, High Intelligence, Hand to hand combat, Leadership, Expert strategist

Serving the Amestris State Military
Also an ally of the Shinsengumi

Hobby: Flirting with beautiful women in mini-skirts until he meets and falls in love with Charlotte. But he still jokes about women in mini-skirts in the military.

Admin Note: Some character info from MAL.