Luxury Hotel in Akihabara

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      *It was still dark when Kenshiro arrived at the hotel which was recommended place of stay for refugees. He ha gotten a coupon for free stay for some time and food. It had been long since he even came close to a place like this, he had not been able to stay in a place of such luxury, much less a hotel for some time now. He was eager to clean up and get some rest. He wondered if Raoh had made it this far and if he would quietly bring himself to a hotel.* If he was sent to the same place, I’ll have to keep an eye on him so he doesn’t disrupt things in this area. *He looks around.* It seems some parts of this area are a bit rough, so I guess…. *his thoughts were interrupted by a hotel staff opening the door for him and welcoming him inside. Once he was set up and given a key and a room, he was escorted there. He opened the door to the room. It was large and comfortable, the bed was large and he would fit into it perfectly. There was a window with some cozy seating.* Guess I’ll take advantage of this for now. *he thanked his escort, closed the door and first proceeded to take a shower.  Afterwards he sat at the window quietly looking out at the streets below. *This is where I will wait for the invitation for the initial elimination trials to arrive. *He then sat back until he felt it was calm and quiet enough for him to get some sleep, he would return to Master Ranma’s dojo to continue his training. Besides, who knows what kind of people or creatures he would have to face.

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      *Heading back to the hotel he was staying at when he remembered that there was a special sale at the super market today.* Damn! I better turn back and go there while it’s still happening!! *He turns around and in a flash disappears towards the supermarket.*

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      *Across the street of the hotel, Vegeta had been sent by Lord Beerus to make note of the arrivals they were expecting. Vegeta could also size up his opponents while he was there.* I”m glad he didn’t send me with that idiot Kakarot! He would have started a fight right outside the lobby! Tch! *he would note who arrived and acknowledge the opponents the noticed him. They didn’t confront him because he wasn’t himself being confrontational. * I’m sure a few figured it out by now. *he grins* But I have to say, seeing the quality of the opponents sends such excitement through my entire body. Kakarot would not have been able to hold back. *He notices Saitama and blinks* What the? He looks so weak but the aura coming out of him is super intense!!

    • Risotto
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      *Although the hospital had given Risotto some money for a place to stay temporarily. Risotto couldn’t help but explore a few back alleyways in the city of Akiba. It wasn’t long before he came across someone that would piss him off. Fortunately, it was a worthy target. He seemed to be in some kind of gang and had plenty of money on him but he was no match for Risotto. Risotto had been a hitman in his old world and the rules here among the scum of the earth weren’t that different than the were back home. Kill or be killed. He got rid of his victim and took all his money. Now he had for a hotel, pleasure, food, drinks, bribery and anything else he needed it for. Right now, he just wanted to sit back and relax. He wouldn’t stay in the same place soon since it wasn’t wise to allow himself such a luxury.*