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Alto Saotome (AeroSugarDemon)



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Name: Alto Saotome
Member of the SugarDemon family of the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: AeroSugarDemon
Birthdate: July 27
Race: Human/ Part=Vampire

Adoptive Father: Ranma Shukumaru Saotome
Adoptive Mother: Akane Tendo Saotome

Birth parents: Ranzo and Miyo Saotome (deceased)
Adopted brother: Yashaburo Saotome (wearabouts unknown)

Occupation: Pilot / Shinsengumi/ Kabuki Actor
Rank: Warrant Officer

Affiliations: New United Nations Spacy / Strategic Miitary Services

Basics: Alto was born into a prestigious Saotome family of professional Kabuki actors. Ranzo Saotome was half brother of Ranma Saotome. When his parents died and his brother disappeared, he was taken in by Ranma and Akane.

Brothers: Isao, TenguTosshi, Thorny Toshi, Shuhei, Natsuru-Kaito and Soji. (technically they are all his cousins but once adopted by Ranma, they were all easily his brothers.
Sister: Helena OkumuraSakata

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