Festival Of Friendship

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      *He was off in his own world so to speak as he was a distance away setting off fireworks for the family and the guests at the festival to enjoy as that was the finale at the end of every night of the duration of the festival and he smiled as he could hear the words of amazement in their voices and he smiled* Happy 4th of July Minna!

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      *She smiled when she had everything ready to go and was waiting for the family and guests to arrive in their due times as she understood how busy it was all around. She saw them both and waved to greet them finishing setting up the firework display as they had plenty for the whole celebration* “Welcome you both!”

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      *Getting a chance to arrive at the Festival of Friendship. He brings several students and faculty members that had been taking summer courses so they could have a nice break and get to meet others in the area.* Go head! Have fun! Hi sis Mato! This is finally picking up! *he smiles*

    • Tobari Hibajiri
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      *Tobari had arrived at the festival grounds with the tour group but since was always alone so it made it very very hard for her to make friends and she almost always felt out of place when she would go somewhere or be taken somewhere by someone else. She had hoped to grow out of it but getting to her feet she looked at the beautiful blue kimono she was dressed in and she smiled it was so beautiful and for the first time in forever she felt a cute girl and not a monster or freak as many called her. Just then she noticed someone else had arrived and she shyly said hello to greet them* H…Hi.

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      *Mato smiled as she saw her family members and even some of the familys friends were arriving and as she greeted them all she felt happy that so many had come to see the fireworks and be together in this time now that things were slowly getting back to how it was before and this made her smile as she watched them* Hai hai enjoy yourselves minna!

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      *The black king was heading to the city so he could bring his wife the flowers that princess Kandace had given to him after he assisted her in tending the area around she was trying to do all by herself. He loved the calming scent of the roses so he would go now and aid his wife in the festival but once he got there he could see some family and friends had already arrived so he walked over to her and put his arms around her before he would lay a kiss onto her lips then set down the flowers* I am here to help you my lovely wife, tell me what to do” *He chuckled as he knew she would take full advantage of those words but he had come not to mind it from her alone*

    • Kenshin Himura
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      *Kenshin had made his way to the city of Akihabara where he heard that there was a festival of friendship being held and as he had arrived he noticed some familiar faces and as he walked over inside the grounds he greeted those he recognized and nodded* Hello minna, hope I am not late and missed the whole thing haha *He said jokingly as he walked over saying hello to everyone he came across and then to the host* Lady Mato, this is beautiful if I may say so.

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      *Sesshomaru and Inuyassha visit the area where the festival is taking place. Inuyassha has to tell his brother to keep his sword in check because some people come to close to him.* I know this is about friendship brother but we must be careful of those slipping through pretending to be here to enjoy the festivities!

    • Basophil
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      *Baso visits the festival of friendship, he is the awkward type so he doesn’t mingle too much. He simply looks around. He’s trying to get used to life without wearing his full outfit which covers him up so much all the time. But sometimes, he still feels comfortable with some sort of mask.*