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      My name’s Seiga Kaku and I’m well… just familiarizing myself with this newfound world for the time being. I’m a loyal follower of Taoism and a hermit. Don’t let all of that confuse you. I’m absolutely 100% human *She giggles silently covering her mouth with her fingers*.

      //Hello everyone =) I’m not new exactly but am playing a different sort of character so in a way I sort of feel new. Seiga’s known as a wicked hermit due to betrayal of her family but she’s not like chaotic evil or anything. In fact if she likes someone she’d be willing to follow them instead. Be careful though, it’s hard to tell sometimes if she’s being sincere or not. She is 100% human in a technical sense but has obtained wizardly powers through her Taoist training.
      Oh and I don’t mind inboxes but from what I understand that feature is currently broken so never mind…
      My RP style might be veering towards a sort of dungeon master type thing like the games with 20-sided dice. I usually play the part of enemy monsters and describe obstacles for the players to deal with. I’ve looked around and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of that going on around here.

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      Name: Mettaur
      Source: Mega Man
      Family: Machine
      Strengths: Able to fire bullets. Able to hide under its helmet to guard itself.
      Weaknesses: Unable to move, shoot or see while guarding.
      Habitat: Anywhere. Metal section preferred.
      Behaviour: Hostile. Usually stationary.
      Roleplayability: Everyone
      Notes: Defeated Mettaurs’ helmets can be used by roleplayers as shields, but will destabilise when exiting the area.


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      Name: Keese
      Source: The Legend of Zelda
      Family: Aerial
      Strengths: Nimble. Flying.
      Weaknesses: Fragile. Often dies in one hit.
      Habitat: Anywhere dark
      Behaviour: Hostile
      Roleplayability: Everyone
      Notes: Keese are adaptable and come in multiple varieties including Fire Keese, Ice Keese and Thunder Keese. They often attack in small groups and rarely in large swarms.


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      Name: Goblin
      Source: Mythology/Various
      Family: Humanoid
      Strengths: Nimble.
      Weaknesses: Easily distracted by shiny things.
      Habitat: Fields/caves. They often make small lairs to hoard their loot.
      Behaviour: Hostile, greedy.
      Roleplayability: Everyone
      Notes: Goblins often attack in groups. They’re usually more concerned with robbing people rather than harming them.


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      Name: Jiangshi
      Source: Mythology
      Family: Undead
      Strengths: Longevity. Able to drain qi (chi/mana/etc.) through physical contact.
      Weaknesses: Easily lured into pitfalls. If their talisman is removed, they become lifeless.
      Habitat: Anywhere gloomy
      Behaviour: Hostile, especially towards the living.
      Roleplayability: Everyone
      Notes: Jiangshi are Chinese hopping zombies that move exclusively by jumping. Varying in strength but normally about as strong as the average human.


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      //I see, but I was sort of looking for something with a bit more scope rather than being an antagonist for one specific person. Thanks anyway for the info and the welcome! I’ll try contact Kandace and see if she’d want to rp with me then see where things go from there =)

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      I suppose since it’s that time of year I should celebrate. Surely I won’t be denied at least this. Happy Lunar New Year!

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      //Hey everybody, so yeah Seiga here is going to be villanous and I could use a few pointers on how villains are played around here because I’ve seen it done really badly sometimes.
      So long as I don’t disrupt other roleplays and I know when to lose I should be fine, right? Just making sure before I jump in and mess everything up.