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“Corpses can’t die. Isn’t it wonderful? ”
This is Seiga, proud hermit seeking ultimate mastery of the Taoist arts. Would you be interested as well? I think it selfish to keep these “forbidden” arts from the world after all.
Source: Touhou: Ten Desires
Species: Human (Hermit)
Birthday: 18th October (non-canon)
Family: Forsaken after faking her own death and becoming a hermit.
Personality: Seiga is prideful of her ability and shows little morality in her actions, acting purely to further her own goals. She has no interest in material possessions and seeks only to spread Taoism. She may gain some arbitrary whims as she explores the land of Skyrie.
Abilities: Seiga has the ability to poke temporary holes through walls so that she can pass through them. Although this ability can easily be abused to commit deeds like robbing banks, she never does it simply because money is not something she has much desire for.
Seiga can also manipulate the dead, using enchantments to turn them into Jiang Shi (hopping zombies) and she treats them like pets.
Seiga’s Taoist arts have granted her a youthful appearance despite being over 1400 years old.
Origin: Seiga originally came from China, had moved to Japan to spread Taoism, and has now been transported to Skyrie because of a failed summoning art. Within the old world she had faked her death to escape her family who refused to let her practice the Taoist arts. Because of this deceit she was rejected by the heavens and came to be known as a “wicked hermit”.
To this day she still practices forbidden arts and strives for immortality, but now has the fact that her ill reputation was left behind to take advantage of.