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      *Jotaro ran straight towards the tarantula type creature, before it could spit anything out, he stopped time.* This should do it. *He grabbed Josuke and Jovelle and put them where they would be able to run from behind the creature. Then as time ran out he got in front of the creature, moved away from it’s spit and then pummeled it to death. He then runs behind Josuke and Jovelle as they head up the pathway that leads out of the borderlands.* Keep running. There’s nothing else behind us!

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      Tch! Gimmie a damn break! We arrived here with all of ours in tact. So what are you talking about now? *he pulls his hat.* I’m going out there, beating the shit outta that tarantula! And we are outta here! *he jumps out the window.*

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      Alright! Let’s try the other side of this building then. If we just want to avoid the damn thing but we can squash it too. Besides, whatever acid that thing has if it gets me, Josuke can fix me up.

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      *Jotaro was looking out the window to see if the giants were still walking by. There were not sign of them. But he noticed something weird, it looked like a giant disfigured tarantula.* There’s something outside. I’ll go out and lure it away.

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      *Jotaro nodded toJovelle and kept an eye on the giant. He was still further back in an old abandoned store where he hid his presence. He looked around to see if any other giants were coming but there was nothing. So they did their best and waited. The creatures that had at one point been attacking had not appeared. He figured these might have moved closer to a more densely forested area or were in an area where there might be more activity. The place seemed completely abandoned. Once the giant was out of sight. He ran forward towards Jovelle.* Sis, let’s do this quickly. If he panics, there’s not telling what will happen out here.

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      *He follows behind Jovelle who had already learned the map. He was impressed by her photographic memory. He then looked around and noticed the shadow too.* I hope that kid doesn’t panic! Let’s hurry! *they began running.* If he sees that giant he might hide. I mean, seeing that first is kinda shocking to anyone just arriving here.

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      Good grief old man! Leave some for the rest of the people here. *he walks over to Helena and bows, then tips his hat.* Sorry about that! I guess he was starving. Can’t believe he’s my old man. Tch! Anywayz, Happy Mother’s Day Helena! We came to see you and we see your family just keeps growing!