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  • *Leo looks at his surroundings and thinks for a moment. He puts his hand on Akoya Kurama’s shoulder.* From what I remember reading we are in the Land of the Cosmic Crystal Caves. This is why I am familiar with these crystals. Although they seem even more exotic as I see them in person. The cave is a safe haven for magical creatures and it’s rare to see a human in here unless they were assisted arriving here by magic. Magicians are said to be fond of this cave because of the crystals and creatures within. *He looks at Enny.* Take good care of my son.

  • It’s alright! You can pick up some of those loose crystals. They have healing and magical properties. We will be able to use them for family and friends. But let’s not lose track of our objective. There are several caverns. We need to find out who might be in here so we can guide them out and get back to our own homes. I’m worried about those dragged to hell by Satan Kurotoki.

  • // Family, I noticed there are some strange new profile. To some it’s obvious that they are rl escort profiles, so don’t add people unless you see them rp or know who they are. Perhaps that’s one thing to be careful with here. Adding them could cause virus or problems.

  • *Leo went to Gravelands to inspect the battlefield. He touched the ground and read its battle aura. Pictures of what had occurred ran through his mind and he could see that several family members had been taken. Somehow Helena had snatched Noloty away from Satan in time as he could sense she was in Satou Arcanum.* So Ginko, my brothers Rintoki, Yukio and Night, my uncle Mephy and Belphy, Gintoki father and uncle Kintoki were taken along with Al, JoJo, Renzou and Lord Dio. But Al, JoJo and Dio have returned according to what I read in the reports. Bon and uncle Sesshomaru went inside to get family as well. So this means that aside from these, the others must be somewhere in Satou Arcanum.* Such battle, there’s still a dent in the fields and a dark glow around the area. I should seal this place off for a while. *he summoned thorns to surround the area and hide the location of the battle where a hole in the ground had been opened by Kurotoki Satan as a means to drag family to The Road to Gehenna.* I guess I’ll take my sons and we’ll do a search at Satou Arcanum. *He let’s go of his grip on the ground. He feels his head pulse hard.* The energy here is painful! *He waits for a moment, takes a deep breathe and then walks away from that scene.*

  • *Leo returned home in anger. He had been so busy back in the old world recovering the great book collections and archives of the family that he missed out on the events that had taken place in Gravelands. He sat down to read the reports and was astonished to learn his father Gintoki and a few other family members had been taken back to hell by Satan Kurotoki.* This is worse than I imagined. *He was relieved to read that his mother was among the gods recovering safely, at least that was the last word in the reports about her. He was reading who had been retrieved and who had entered the place known as The Road to Gehenna’s Gates.* So there is family who went to look for others. I have to speak to uncle Thorny Toshi about the progress with this. *He was looking for the one son that had gone to the battlefield and could not find his name among the ones returned but was relieved to find he had been sent to Satou Arcanum.* He’s somewhere safe, just not home yet. *He stood up.* I should go see where my sons and daughters are and make sure they are healthy and know their mother Ren has arrived. Then I’ll go find Miketsukami!

  • *Leo was walking outside keeping an eye on some of the students that were out on recess. He carefully picked up his hair and walked around carefully studying the interactions of the students in the academy. He could see amazing abilities from some students and abilities that needed to be harnessed in others.* Hmm that one would be a challenge. *He said to himself as she saw them. He noticed students waving at him* Konnichiwa minna! Have a wonderful day students! *he waved back and greeted them as he continued along his path.*

  • *Leo notices his great grandson Kogi was running around with an “invisible playmate.” He then saw there was a disturbance in each office. He followed Kogi until he grabbed him and picked him up. He then realized the presence next to Kogi was not entirely imaginary. There was something next to him. Leo picked Kogi up.* Who is your friend Kogi? Perhaps you should introduce us.

  • *he saw Yukio and his mother hugging and walked over to them.* Yuki, little brother, you know you can’t keep mommy Helena to yourself. *he then embraced them both.* I wish to feel this warmth of family too. I feel comfortable once again. This world has inspired me! Our family’s struggle has warmed my heart. I’m so glad we could be here for the holidays.

  • *Leo arrives at the bakery. He tips his hat and smiles* Mother Helena! You’ve been hard at work! *he smiles* I’m here to help you but first, I’ll head to the back office I have to make sure our budget is in tip top shape. *he kisses her and then greets her uncle Soji* Hello uncle! Pleasure to see you again!

  • *Leo had been stretching his wings around the new world when he stopped by to check on Red. He walked into the place looking for her and saw her frantically trying to multitask.* Grand Auntie Red! *he bows* Hello there! What on earth are you doing? *he chuckles* I guess you need some assistance?

  • *He greeted his family as he entered the mansion. He watched Tessa and Saya running out.* Be careful on your way my sisters. The weather is changing drastically. Do stay somewhere safe and call if you run into any trouble! *he waved to them as they got into the car. He then turned around and looked inside at the decoration for the holiday festivities.* As always, a wonderful and cozy area to sit with family and chat. It is all we need. *he entered the room and filled his hot cocoa with marshmallows.* Mmm delicious!

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