**Bus Stop**
Choose your destination.

At the bus stop you chose where you want to go. The terminal can be a place of shelter when you can’t find your place and the bus stop can take you to areas of Skyrieverse where you can explore new places.


1. RP as if you’re at a bus stop/terminal.

2. RP Only

3. No spam / no sexually explicit rp take that to your inbox or private group.

4. Respect each other.

5. New group members remember to please join Skyrie.net group and Skyrie Sandbox group first, so that you understand how to get around Skyrie. Thank you!

6. Anything we deem irrelevant, will be deleted without warning.

Group admins

  • Profile picture of Rocky Lee
  • Profile picture of Ecko Haruki =AndroidesSugarSoul= Elric OkumuraSakata
  • Profile picture of Isao "Gori" Kondo (GorillaSugarDemon)
  • Profile picture of Tatsuma LaughingSugarDemon Sakamoto (Tatsu)
  • Profile picture of Sonar Akitoki *AndroidezSugarSpirit* Elric OkumuraSakata

Group mods

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  • Profile picture of Akatsuki Natsume
  • Profile picture of Violetta Onodera (Pretty Derby Runner)
  • Profile picture of Raku Ichijo ♤ Kindest Rude Guy