Welcome to Sweet Pets Adoption Shelter!

An adorable animal adoption shop located in a Kinokawa, a small cozy city in Wakayama Perfecture within Skyrieverse. It’s 269 miles from Akihabara and can be reached via Allegro Express when you get off at Kishitamaneko Station.

Please be nice.

RP as if you’re in an animal adoption shelter.

Everyone is welcomed to volunteer to take care of the animals or to adopt them.

**Animals the shelter range from small to large and encompass a variety of species. Dragons are available but for those you have to Visit FireStarter Dragon Island, only the smallest are temporarly sheltered her until they are moved to the island as they grow bigger.

We keep animals that humans normally like in the right side of the shop and the more unusual exotic types are on the left side. (you may use your imagination.) All the pets here are docile unless you agitate them.

Horses, Unicorns, Pegasus, and those types are kept in a cozy barn further outside the city.

Enjoy watching over them or adopt one and take them home to become your beloved companions.

(This shop is owned and run by member of the GSC but everyone is welcomed.)

Group admins

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