Merry Christmas and Happy Winter Solstice (2019)

    • Grey Fullbuster
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      *Grey had entered the bakery and he saw the decorations and then realized the events taking place and he smiled joining in creating snowflakes for the occasion* Happy new year to you all.

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      *Raizel had allowed Kazuma to take the reigns as he would sleep while the other half of himself greeted his family members he loved so* Happy new year everyone, from me and Rai here *He chuckled knowing Raizel would hate it he did that but he had control currently so he didn’t care*

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      Happy New Year minna!

      And thank you Noloty and Boris for keeping the bakery safe during the uprising apocalypse! Hopefully we’ll see a brighter future and then really indulge in sweets hehe ;)

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      *Mato smiled as she noticed that Yato and Grey had joined them in the celebrations and she hugged them both* Happy birthday and happy new year to you all, lets have a great new year together! *She then noticed Urakaze and went hug her*

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      *Shizuru arrived as a favor from his wife who was still in the infirmary, she had asked him to go and wish the family a good new year in her place while she recovered her energy. He agreed and went to the bakery to meet everyone and when he saw them he greeted them* Hello minna, happy birthday and also new year’s greetings/blessings to you.