Happy Birthday Lady Helena January 29th (January Celebration)

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      *Runs up to his grandmother along with his sister Momotaro and jumps into her arms to hug her.* Happy Birthday grandmommy Helena! *a huge cake smothered smile on his face.*

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      *He hugs Helena* Happy Birthday beautiful grandmommy! If you don’t see some gifts here, you’ll be in for a surprise when you enter your room. *He laughs knowing some family members left the gifts at home so she would have to carry them around.*

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      *The triplets arrive along with the ladies they consider their stalkers but they don’t really mind. They think the girls are cute but don’t say it. They keep their focus on their grandmother Helena, all of them surrounding her with hugs and kisses.*

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      Happy Birthday great-great-grandmommy Helena! *He holds up a cake that had just come out of the kitchen and smiles.*

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      *Helping to hand out some drinks at her great great grandmommy’s birthday celebration. She stops long enough to hold Helena tightly.* Happy Birthday! Love you so much!

    • Akatsuki Natsume
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      Wait i make a mistake sorry this is the present! Happy birthday Helena-san!


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      *Leo walks over to his mother Helena along with his wife Ren. He smiles as he opens his arms and warmly embraces her.* I’m sure you’ve having a great time mommy Helena! Happy Birthday! I hope this celebration gives you many wonderful memories! *he kisses her cheeks.* Ren and I will also help out here since the place is packed. *he grabs some pieces of cakes and beings to give them out to everyone there.*

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      *Finally getting a short break, Haru and Night were siting in the back yard of the bakery when Helena happened to step out to check on everyone. Night quickly got up and would smile. He hugs his mother.* Happy Birthday beautiful mommy Helena! I would like to wish you all the happiness a super sweet person and mother like you deserves! *He leans down a bit to kiss her forehead.*