Happy Birthday Lady Helena January 29th (January Celebration)

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      Happy Birthday beautiful lady Helena!!💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🥳🎉🍰🎂

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      Wishing you a Happy Birthday and we are here to show our appreciation for you Lady Helena! *He bows and hands her a bag with gifts that his crew had gotten for her.* We hope you enjoy these! *Afterwards he goes to the table where the cakes are being cut and handed out. He was glad to get a piece of heaven while celebrating the heavenly beauty Helena’s birthday.*

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      *Stella arrived at the bakery to celebrate her mothers birthday, it was a day she loved even more than anything. She held a single rose in her hand and with all her memories of her mom from the first day she had reunited with her she handed it to her* Happy birthday mommy Helena, i love you more than words can say so this rose represents my wishes on this day for you.

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      *He took some time out from his day before he would leave to go on patrol but he stopped by the bakery first to see his mother in law and hope to have some tea. Holding a box with a jade hairpin inside he bought for her he greeted her respectfully* Happy birthday lovely mother Helena, this hairpin is a gift from my wife and i to you.

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      *Although he was not to keen on showing emotion, Sephiroth smiled as he walked over to greet his mother with a gentle hint of happiness on his face when he saw her light up the room from the distance before he reached her. He hugged her gently then let go* Happy birthday to you mother, with all my love i wish you the best today.

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      Would you stop looking like a prude Sephy, it just makes ya look like an old geezer *Just as he entered the room from behind Erato he laughed at seeing Sephiroth in that way and made fun of him a bit before greeting his mom* Happy Birthday mother i love you.

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      You guys knock it off this is mom’s special day not a day to fight among yourselves as usual *He said as he laughed walking inside and going towards his mother meeting his siblings along the way with smiles and nods* Happy birthday mom love you.