Sugar&Spice Management Offices

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      *Ukyo and Jean went to his office to check on his and his staff’s schedules to prepare for Lady Grey’s proposed events that would help promote their agency and their talents but also give a chance for the companies that worked for them to showcase their clothing and items. Ukyo sat down with Jean as they looked over the schedules and make the proper changes to make the events work with the ones in question.

      They would have to get their staff to prep the outfits, the cameras and each stage. They would have to accent certain themes plus book some hotel rooms for talents and designers coming from outside the area. They would need to have prepare press kits to send to Sugarhill Sentinel to promote their events.
      And they needed to have their security staff to protect the talents and designers and delivery people on-call for any necessary deliveries to the agency and the areas where they would be holding their event.*

      Lady Jean, this is going to be a lot of work, but I think we will be able to kick this off for the month of Summer starting with a few events here and there now. We do have Cinco de Mayo which could be fun for an initial pre-show. And let’s get a couple of floors and outdoor areas to have the families be able to come in for their portraits.


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      *He later trains with one of the staff members and helps out around the modeling agency’s management offices.* Ooh you really should have a basket of bananas around here.

    • Jean Grey
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      *Later on that evening, Lilith comes to Jeanโ€™s office* Very puntual Lady Lilith! Please, come in and have some coffee, if you like @sultrysuccubussugarfiend

    • Jean Grey
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      *Before Tamaki and Shoichi would arrive, Jean was already having a conversation with her boss about the fashion event for the remainder of the Summer* @ukyoamnesia

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      *As the staff at Sugar&Spice continued to go over projects that would be approved and now had approval. They needed to get some help coordinating with outside businesses. Shoichi called his uncle Leo to let him know that there would be several locations used for the photoshoots.* Are you able to get us past the red tape? @charmingsilver
      *He then waited for a reply and would smile giving his crew thumbs up as they had gotten the approvals they sought out.* We’re good to go! *Then they return to their meeting desk to develop their project ideas.*