Sugar+Spice Modeling Agency and Photo Art Gallery
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Sugar+Spice is a Modeling Agency, Talent & Acting Agency and PhotoStudio/Photography Art Gallery located in Akihabara.

Providing a wide variety of fashion models, actors and actresses for companies looking for the right fit for their high end projects.

The agency helps train models, actors and actresses, get test shoots, prepare for auditions and help put together their portfolios. Then after some time agency puts them to work in the fashion and entertainment industry.

Sugar & Spice also provides fashion shows on premises. The place also houses a beautiful photography art gallery by photographer Ukyo Moroboshi and many of his photography students of the True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flame.

The agency works in part with RawSugar Sound Studios. And also holds Fashion Campaigns to donate clothing for the children of Rosy Cross Talented Arts & Bright Future Orphanage.

Sugar & Spice secretly works closely with the Shinsengumi and the 13th Bureau of Secret Intelligence & Investigations on special investigations.

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