Character Creation/Development

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      //Hey everyone, if you’re struggling to come up with ideas for your character we’ll gladly provide some tips here ^^

      Sonar has been kind enough to provide a link to get started with: Basic questions

    • Mystia Lorelei
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      A Mystia Lorelei Guide to Playing a Moron

      // Hi everyone, Mystia here! At times you may notice I’ve said or done some pretty stupid things, like turn up to a ballroom in gym clothes. I honestly have a hard time keeping up the moron mentality and there’s a reason for that: I’m not really an idiot (at least I’d like to think I’m not. Whether anyone else thinks I am is another story).

      I’ve decided to help Apple out and write a few tips on how to play a character with low intelligence, and reasons why you might want to.

      For the lolz
      One strong reason for wanting to play a moron is to just be funny. You can’t just pull off acts of stupidity any time though. Reading the mood is essential. If a knock-knock joke would be inappropriate, so is your moronic self doing something moronic just for laughs.

      To spice things up
      Sometimes, a well-timed mishap from the idiot can trigger chains of events that can lead to a very interesting story. For example, let’s say a group is exploring some ancient ruins, but the baka goes and triggers one of the traps (“oooo what does this button do?”), causing arrows to fly all around the room and giving everyone chances to pull off some evasive stunts to dodge them. This should be done sparingly, otherwise the party will never take you exploring again!

      Don’t be obnoxious
      There’s a way to be clever about being stupid, but there’s also a way to be stupid about being stupid. Just don’t be annoying, otherwise people will start to think you’re really as stupid as your character is. Try to make it clear that if your character does something stupid that it’s deliberate and that there’s a method to the madness.

      Gaps in your knowledge
      You can be stupid without explicitly doing anything! Just being unaware of something that would seem obvious to everybody else is one way of doing it, but there should be a reason as to why. Mystia, for example, didn’t know what a spa was until yesterday, but the reasoning is because she’d simply never been to one. She lived in a forest before she came to Skyrie and would have been very unlikely to have encountered or heard of a spa from there.

      Pairing with someone sensible
      A long-standing form of Japanese stand-up comedy called Manzai is typically told by a duo: one fool, and one “straight man”. If you have a friend whose character is really sensible then you can work together to do something similar. The baka says or does something stupid, and the sensible person reacts humourously. Gintoki and Shinpachi from the Gintama anime are a great example.

      I hope this is helpful if you’re deciding what kind of character to play and are thinking about playing a fool. It’s loads of good fun if done right, but can easily turn into a disaster if you aren’t careful. All in all it’s a challenging archetype at least for me. Gomen if the post turned out to be on the long side ehehe…

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      //Hmm I do think it’s a good read though, even if it’s kinda long ^-^”
      For now tho I think we’ll just stick with helping people out as and when they need it

    • Kyouko Kasodani
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      //Ehehe gomen I’ve been wanting to write something like this for a while and thought this seemed like an appropriate place to do it

    • Mystia Lorelei
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      //Woops I got my tabs mixed up and posted as Kyouko, silly me

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      this is very helpful, and a good source of information for those who may need it. You need not apologize for the length my dear, I think it is just fine and it does indeed make sense.

    • Jean Grey
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      Pretty interesting piece of work, very detailed and explanatory.

    • Seiga Kaku
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      //Hey everybody, so yeah Seiga here is going to be villanous and I could use a few pointers on how villains are played around here because I’ve seen it done really badly sometimes.
      So long as I don’t disrupt other roleplays and I know when to lose I should be fine, right? Just making sure before I jump in and mess everything up.

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      // I guess Seiga should first find out who is interested in rping with her character. I know that the majority of GSC (sugar family) doesn’t need any “villains” since they already have antagonists that are very immersed in the ongoing story. So, you might not get anywhere with them. Of course, it would be fun if Kandace had an antagonist. What do you think Kandace? @kandace  Someone trying to interfere with the princess who is seeking to learn more about her vampire background. But ask her first. Or maybe other non-gsc might be interested. But ask them first ;) Welcome to Skyrie and Sandbox!

    • Seiga Kaku
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      //I see, but I was sort of looking for something with a bit more scope rather than being an antagonist for one specific person. Thanks anyway for the info and the welcome! I’ll try contact Kandace and see if she’d want to rp with me then see where things go from there =)

    • Mystia Lorelei
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      //Oh oh I’ve got an idea! You could always make a group for yourself to confine her acts of villainy to. Anyone would then be free to join and oppose her if they want. I’ll need to double-check with Apple-chan but I think VoxSharp could use an antagonist although I’m not sure if it’s really mature enough for one yet.
      And of course since our characters are from the same series you can always rp with me and Kyouko @heartsutra.

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      //It’s true we don’t have an antagonist in VoxSharp per se and it’d be kind of interesting to have one. I was originally planning on introducing one of mine from Apple’s old world after the Skyrie update, though I’ll need to redraw them ^^”
      Anyway we’re digressing here. As far as tips go, all I can really add is that attacking player characters out of the blue is a no-no. I suggest following Mystia’s advice and making a group for antagonising NPCs of your own choosing. Note that even if someone joins, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to be included. Many of us just like to watch ^^;