Are you new? Introduce yourselves to everyone!

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      Hi minna! It might be helpful if you write a short introduction or put the following information on your profile.

      1. Name of your Character

      2. Character mini bio (doesn’t have to be a book)

      3. Do you like or don’t like messages / chats

      4. Do you like one on one (1×1) rps or group rps.

      5. Are you just here to talk about the things you like?


      This information will help us guide you through Skyrie’s vast and beautiful network! Good luck!

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      Ooh good idea Ecko. I’m not that new anymore but I’ll do this anyway to give an example.

      1. Apple Marigold. Sometimes I get called Mari but more often than not I get called Apple-chan.

      2. I’m a Swarmling (bug anthtopomorph) aged 16, but I act like a kid. Kind-hearted but physically weak. My signature ability is to sense emotions.

      3. I love getting inboxed. It makes me feel popular X)

      4. I prefer group RPs and as a general principle am happy for people to join in with any of mine, unless I state otherwise. My preferred genre is lighthearted cutesy slice of life stuff.

      5. Not really n.n;

      Other notes about me: I do enjoy world-building a lot, and I also love being helpful.

    • Kyouko Kasodani
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      I guess I’m sorta new. Here goes!

      1. Kyouko Kasodani, originally from Touhou 13

      2. A mountain echo yokai who reads sutras (scriptures) and reflects sound. Always carries around a broom. Has dog ears. Not much deviation from the original character.

      3. Sure, go ahead and message me, but please please PLEASE start with a greeting. I’m not an RP machine.

      4. Both I guess. As far as genres go I’m into action, drama, comedy, and slice of life/fantasy. I can’t do horror or romance.

      5. Don’t think so.

      Extra note: @deaftoallbutthesong is also me. Please treat us as separate characters at all times. Arigato!

    • Mystia Lorelei
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      Just to add my deets. Do people say that around here? Deets?

      1. Mystia Lorelei, originally from Touhou 8

      2. A night sparrow yokai who causes blindness, sings songs and runs an eel cart in the Forest of Harmony. A wee bit arrogant and a wee bit dense. Not much deviation from the original.

      3, 4 & 5. See Kyouko.

      Extra note: @heartsutra is also me. That goes without saying but I wanted to say it :P

    • Remion Toruwei
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      Hello everyone, I have my information set already on my profile your welcome to read it if your curious about me. I prefer to be called Remi please, nice to meet you all. *Bows*

    • Jean Grey
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      Hi!! My name is Jean Grey and although I have been rping for quite a bit, I still consider myself new to this site. All I have to say is that you will not regret joining! It’s pretty user friendly and you can make some really good friends here! The groups that I’ve joined so far all have their descriptions and forums so that you can have an idea of what it entails. Don’t be shy! Just rp and have fun! :-)

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      *Goes stand beside her friend then smiled to her then looked at everyone else* Hello everyone, I am Sarada Haruno Uchiha only child of Sasuke and Sakura Uchiha it is nice to meet you.

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      Hi everyone, nice to meet all of you! For everyone who doesn’t know me, I’m Apple the ladybug girl. For everyone who does know me, I’m Apple the ladybug girl! *She giggles to herself.* I hope we can be great friends!

    • Seiga Kaku
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      My name’s Seiga Kaku and I’m well… just familiarizing myself with this newfound world for the time being. I’m a loyal follower of Taoism and a hermit. Don’t let all of that confuse you. I’m absolutely 100% human *She giggles silently covering her mouth with her fingers*.

      //Hello everyone =) I’m not new exactly but am playing a different sort of character so in a way I sort of feel new. Seiga’s known as a wicked hermit due to betrayal of her family but she’s not like chaotic evil or anything. In fact if she likes someone she’d be willing to follow them instead. Be careful though, it’s hard to tell sometimes if she’s being sincere or not. She is 100% human in a technical sense but has obtained wizardly powers through her Taoist training.
      Oh and I don’t mind inboxes but from what I understand that feature is currently broken so never mind…
      My RP style might be veering towards a sort of dungeon master type thing like the games with 20-sided dice. I usually play the part of enemy monsters and describe obstacles for the players to deal with. I’ve looked around and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of that going on around here.

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      Okay no one’s said anything here since last month so I’m a bit apprehensive but I figure just putting myself out there is the best way to get results, right?

      1. My name’s Ezra. I typically like roleplying as one of my personas, OCs, or one of my muses listed on my bio! My mains right now are Ace Tucker, Michael Thomas, and Ghoul/2p!Ghoul (Again, just look at my bio).

      2. On Ace: a former mercenary from Los Santos (GTA V), now working with the Fake AH Crew as a tech specialist, assassin, and occasional mechanic. Used to be a weapon maker/supplier for Fake Chop.
      On Michael: A forensic science student. Being mentored by Detective James Washington during a case regarding some disappearances in a small, very cult-y town on the border of Georgia and Louisiana. Had to watch Washington get murdered while hiding in a closet.

      3. Not a big fan of DMs but I’ll deal with it.

      4. Prefer 1×1 but I’m cool either way.

      5. If we happen to like the same things, of course I’m down to talk about stuff, but I’m mostly here for roleplaying for character development.

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      // Hello everyone. I’ve introduce myself before on a few different groups a while ago but thought I’d put something up here. I’ve been role playing for years and years but Magpie is a fairly new creation. She may look, sound and act a bit like an arrogant villain but she’s actually a good person. Her past just made her rather crazy. Think a bit like a Harley Quinn type but only attacks and robs from evil people. She’s a performer and fighter without fear and likes to see what adventures she can get wrapt up in. I hope we can all have lots of fun together.