Birth Center & Maternity Ward of Sacred SatouFlame

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      *Yukiko caught the first child as it came out. She quickly checked it’s pulse and breathing. Everything was fine and she put him in a special incubator. She then turned to Cindy Cyan again.* One more!

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      *Yukiko caught the second child and noticed it was another boy. Both were inspected and were healthy. She would smile as they both had their little neko ears. She took both babies after cleaning them up and checking them and she handed them to Cindy Cyan briefly so she can admire and hold them.* They are both in good health. *She called out to her phone and instructed it to call Daniel.* Brother! I’m sure you’re on a mission somewhere, I’m just letting you know, you have two boys! Congratulations! @gattonero

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      *She took the babies and put them in an incubator. She noticed one had greenish eyes and the other had blueish eyes.* Oh! Now we can tell you apart! Welcome to the world my nephews. *She then clicked a button which would move the babies into a specialized room until Cindy Cyan was ready to be released from the hospital. * Alright Cindy, time for you to go to your room and rest up too. You’ll be getting little rest when you leave here. *She giggles and takes her to another room.*


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