Full Moon City

  • Koga NoireLycanSugarDemon Yōrō

    May 4, 2017 at 10:58 pm

    *A city where werewolves and demon wolves roam disguised humans among the human citizens. Sometimes they go there to indulge in human activity but sometimes they feel the hunger.*

  • *Satan Kurotoki held on to a chain with his pets tugging wildly on the other end. He looked down into the city from a skyscraper.* My pets, do you hunger for the blood of humans? I guess I can let you indulge this once, during this crimson moon. *he released the chains and watched them go.* Ulfhéðinn, ulfhéðinn, you’re always underestimated by your human counterparts. You’ve made a home in a vast city with vulnerable citizens who believe you are a myth. How cunning you are! *he hears some of them howl from the mountains beyond the city.* I’ve always enjoyed that sound. Now, to get to work and see if I can make further use of these magnificent ulfhéðinn. *He turns around and walks into the building, takes the elevator and walks among the citizens of the Full Moon City.*

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