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Koga NoireLycanSugarDemon Yōrō

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Koga bio:
Full name: Koga Noire Yoro
former Leader of the NorthEastern Yōkai-BlackWolf Tribe
Elder of the SugarDemon family of the GrandSugarClan
also member of the SatoAkuma branch.
Clan Names: SteelFangSatoAkuma / NoirLycanSugarDemon

Koga is the former leader of the NorthEastern Yōkai-BlackWolf Tribe. He became close enough to Inuyassha to become blood brothers. He then joined The SugarDemon family of the GrandSugarClan.
Personality: Full of Pride, Rough, Straight-Forward, Wild, at first he was cold towards anyone who wasn’t either a wolf or wolf demon but he gradually learned to show compassion and acceptance of beings.