Character Intro or Bio / Tribe Intro (optional)

  • Character Intro or Bio / Tribe Intro (optional)

  • Koga NoireLycanSugarDemon Yōrō

    May 4, 2017 at 9:27 pm

    Wolf Species/Breed:
    Rank: (if any)
    Fur Color:
    Other Physical Attributes: (skin color, eye color, hair color, weight, height etc)
    Personality: (include Likes/Dislikes)
    Special Abilities: (if any)
    Short Background:

    ***If your tribe doesn’t have a forum, feel free to create one and add the description of your tribe to the forum. Thank you.**
    (Non-wolf species can adjusts character sheet to fit them.) I’m new at this character sheet shit, so if I missed something just add it.

  • Koga NoireLycanSugarDemon Yōrō

    May 4, 2017 at 10:01 pm

    // Koga (my version anyway) is my fixed character, his info will be up on my “profile”.

  • Ryoga Hibiki (LostSugarDemonWolf)

    July 4, 2017 at 1:28 pm

    // My fixed character is Ryoga from Ranma 1/2. His info will be added to /updated on my profile. He’s like the Ryoga from the anime in that he gets lost and wamts to beat Ranma in an a martial arts fight but he’s also taken on his own personality and other features. He is a wolf and Koga’s brother.//

  • Name: Wolfrei
    Nickname: none
    Wolf Species/Breed:
    Tribe: NorthEastern Yokai Black Wolves
    Rank: Soldier
    Gender: male
    Age: unknown
    BirthPlace: In the Region of the Wolf Demon Tribe (NorthEastern area)
    Fur Color: (as seen in photo)
    Other Physical Attributes: tan skinned and muscular
    Personality: Curious
    Special Abilities: he hasn’t learned of his special abilities as of yet.
    Short Background: Born and Raised within the region, he rose to the rank of Soldier within his tribe and often scouted the area for intruders.
    Intro: My name is Wolfrei! I guard and scout out this region. If you see me and you’re not one of the wolves of this area. Run for your life.

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