Phoenix Village

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      //A village at the base of the volcano, protected from monsters, lava and falling rocks by a magical barrier. The town has a blacksmith and a little Chinatown-esque district. Food is particularly expensive here since farming is essentially impossible.

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      *The townspeople have begun to make preparations for the upcoming Lunar New Year. This holiday is really important to them and to show it, they put in a massive amount of effort to keep the village lively, safe and vibrant.
      This upcoming year will be the year of the pig, and so pig-themed decorations, toys and souvenirs can be found at every corner. Let’s not forget to mention all of the delicious pork rice bowls you can get special offers on! Many restaurants are offering a buffet, for customers to come and pig out. Oink oink!*

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      *As Tetsu crossed through the Phoenix Village. He came across a flyer with an announcement of the event.* This sounds like fun. I’ll take it home and show it to mommy Helena and daddy Gin. *He then continued on his way while reading the details of the Lunar New Year Festival.*

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      *Helena’s son Tetsu had mentioned the festival to Helena. She was excited about the idea and went to see the preparations. She was hoping to bring her cousin Noloty with her but she was still busy working on Valentine’s days specials for the Purple Orchid Spa. So Helena went there and watched the townspeople set up for the upcoming event.* They’re working hard. This is something we should come and enjoy! Oh  my my *She giggles as she sees the decor.* These are kawaii! *She would greet the townspeople as she walked by each stall to see what they had.* Hello minna! This is looking rather exciting. hehe

    • Mystia Lorelei
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      *Mystia hears about the festival and comes to visit early to try and get an outfit together so then on the actual Lunar New Year she has something fitting to wear.*

      Oh that parasol looks pretty! Oh and that dress too! Those hairpins! Oh lookie a piggy bank I can put my allowance in! I hope they have a bird themed year sometime. I’d love that! I’d buy all the things!

    • Jean Grey
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      *Jean has been drawn to the tiny village at Phoenix Peak to view the preparation of the Chinese Lunar New Year. She would make occasional stops to a few shops and buy cute piggy decorations for the event* The year of The Pig! *She opens one of her bags and takes out one of the decorations she had bought then giggles* These are so cute! *She continues walking around the village until something caught her eye to the point that she stopped and stood right in the middle of the road. It was the peak! She knew that the volcano was dormant but something inside of it was coming alive. Jean had read the history of the peak and the important event that happens during the Lunar Year but somehow it felt her presence and wanted to connect with her, telepathically. Jean was so captivated that although she was aware of her surroundings, she unconsciously began to slowly engulf herself into flames manifesting the Phoenix bird*

      // Do not worry, Miss Apple @goldmari I will not cause harm to the village nor to its people. :-)

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      //I’m not worried at all Jean, I trust your posts will be reasonable and constructive ^-^ I’m pretty excited to see what happens on Chinese New Year owo //

      *Apple does a bit of shopping for herself to prepare for the Lunar New Year. She’d never actually been to the Phoenix Peak in her old world, nor the one in this world, but had a school friend from that area so she’s a little familiar with the culture. She wanders the streets looking for something to eat.*
      Let’s see, there’s gotta be a place that does veggie wantons. I’m craving a veggie wanton, I want one!

      *While she searches she catches sight of Jean partially engulfed in flames, but before recognizing her gets thrown into a panic.*
      Wawawawawa! Help! Help! Someone’s on fire! *She frantically searches around for something to put out the fire and ends up using a cooking pot filled with lukewarm water from one of the noodle stands to try and extinguish her.*

    • Jean Grey
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      *The Phoenix bird had completely manifested upon Jean however it’s flames did not harm anyone around her. With her heightened telepathy, Jean sense someone panicking and was rushing towards her. She looks at the young lady and although deep in her mind she knew her, she didn’t say a word. She was more aware of what the young girl was going to do and once the water was thrown at her, with one blink of an eye the water stop, mid air then slowly evaporates. Jean can feel eyes upon her, watching with curiosity while others watched in fear. She closes her eyes and focuses on diminishing the flames and returning back to normal*

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      *Apple was utterly confused as to what just transpired in front of her, at least until the flames started to die down and she finally recognises Jean, at which point her eyes widen and sparkle.*
      Woooaaaa Miss Grey it’s you! Did you just use telekinesis on fire and water? *She sets the empty cooking pot on the ground and begins to applaud, and some of the other civilians follow suit.* That’s so cool!

    • Jean Grey
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      *As the flames ceased and her telepathic connection has ended, she looks to Apple and smiles. Deep down she was happy that Apple did not quite understand what just happened but she worried that if anyone else that would have a certain understanding may have been present. Jean looks around and sees that a few people were clapping while others stared in fear. She quickly grabs her bags and leans towards Apple* Hi Miss Apple! I had to use my telekinesis to control the flames! Didn’t want anything happening to this lovely village! *smiles hoping that Apple would believe her and not questioned how the flames manifested into a Phoenix bird*

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      //Hey everyone! Happy Chinese New Year! //

      *After the citizens of Phoenix Village enthusiastically count down, fireworks are being prepared and the final adjustments are all set. Once the countdown hits zero, the fireworks launch and explode into warm colours, reds and yellows, accompanied by wild cheering.
      Once the fireworks reach their finale, the fabled Phoenix guardian spirit emerges from the crater, glimmering in colourful light. It gracefully descends down the mountain and spreads its warmth and magical energy by flapping its wings calmly over the village, before returning to the sky to circle the peak.*

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      *Enjoying the fireworks show.* It’s amazing what people can do when they organize themselves and work together!

    • Seiga Kaku
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      I suppose since it’s that time of year I should celebrate. Surely I won’t be denied at least this. Happy Lunar New Year!