Genre: Slice of Life/Fantasy/Action

A volcanic region in the Voicelands. Phoenix Peak is the only mountain in the area with any signs of volcanic activity, although it has been dormant for quite a while. Lava has settled in the crater, but the likelihood of the volcano erupting is tiny.
The mountains themselves are dangerous for another reason. Several monsters such as imps, hellhounds and even small dragons reside there. You may also see the odd black lizard, which although harmless, are pretty gross.
Within the mountains are several caves littered with metal ore and jewel nodes, where brave miners can go to claim their riches, if they can handle the heat and the dangers of the mountain.
There’s an oriental-style village at the base of Phoenix Peak, with a magical barrier in place to protect it from damage from monsters, lava and falling rocks, in the unlikely event that the volcano does erupt. Hunters usually gather there, and dragon-hunting is considered a sport. The village itself makes use of the lava from Phoenix Peak to forge tools and equipment for warriors, so one can go there to buy weapons and armour. The village doesn’t have great access to food though, so everything’s imported, which makes it more expensive than most towns.
Once every lunar year (on Chinese New Year), a giant guardian phoenix emerges from the volcano crater and circles the area for the day. While it gracefully flies around, it supplies magic to the village barrier to keep it going, and then returns to the crater late into the following night.

Suggested ambient BGM:
> Village: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_e1b17TzRw
> Volcano: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZ22fxRz4to

Rules & Guidelines:
1: Please RP as if you are at a volcano
2: Please don’t hurt the phoenix. It’s benevolent, honest! Feel free to attack the dragons though!
3: Terrain is destructible up to a point. Don’t damage Phoenix Village.
4: No spam, bullying, or being insufferably obnoxious
5: Feel free to suggest ideas!

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