Il Palazzo Zucchero delle Danza Notturne (this groups belongs to the GrandSugarClan)

Welcome GSC Clan members, friends and visitors to Il Palazzo Zucchero delle Danza Notturne” (aka Sugar Palace of Nighttime Dances). This place will double as a dark Venetian style dance hall for special events, masquerades, large family/friend and clan receptions and other related events.

This is mainly a place for clan members and those closest to us that wish to enjoy the pleasures of a gothic-style ballroom but all are welcomed as long as you behave. Otherwise we reserve the right to kick / ban you.

1. RP as if you are in a DarkGothic Ballroom Palace.
2. Join in on the festivals
3. Enjoy!
// Rules might be added as needed. //

Group admins

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Group mods

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