GothicSugar ~ Il Palazzo della Danza Notturne~

((Property of the GrandSugarClan))

Welcome GrandSugarClan members, family, friends and visitors to GothicSugar ~ Il Palazzo della Danza Notturne~ !
This dark palace will double as a Venetian style dance hall for special events of the GrandSugarClan such as receptions and other related events. Mainly a gothic hang out for those with a flair for the darker side of things. All are welcomed as long as you follow the rules. Otherwise we reserve the right to kick / ban you.

1. RP as if you are in a DarkGothic Ballroom Palace.
2. Join in on the festivals
3. Please don’t spam this group.
4. Anyone who doesn’t stick to the them of the group or that strikes us the wrong way will be removed without warning.
5. And most importantly, all new group members/ rp characters entering our premises, we ask that you first join Skyrie.net group for an understanding of what is expected of you. Please read and practice at Skyrie Sandbox group. Thank you!
// Rules might be added as needed. //

Group admins

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