Valentine’s Day Masquerade Ball (annual event)

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      I truly hope you’re all enjoying a magnificent Valentine’s Day weekend!

    • Diavolo
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      *later on he drops into Foxflame Ballroom with Doppio to check out the Valentine’s Day Masquerade Ball.*

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      *Wearing his best butler outfit in a beautiful rouge. He tips his top hat and has a staff take it away, he rolls a cart of appetizers towards the banquet hall followed by the staff at Foxflame Ballroom who had several carts as well. Uniformly, they placed everything on the tables while other maids and butlers walked around serving a sparkly pink champagne to their guests. Once the appetizers were set on the tables, the guests could sit and the maids and butlers would make sure their guests especially those who were there as couples had a memorable and romantic time.* Bon Appétit!

    • Rocky Lee
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      Happy Valentine’s Day! Love what you’ve all done here!