Who Are You? (Tell us a little of your background)

    • Tsubasa Kazanari
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      Hello everyone my name is Tsubasa and I am friends with Mizuki in real life. he invited me here saying he found some amazing role play so here I am haha. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them but if anyone already knows my character anime I am from it helps by saving me time of explaining things. *Bows respectfully*

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      Hey guys! Name’s Magpie, Magpie Monochrome to be exact. I’ll be your local loveable entertainer for the time being. I don’t actually charge since I do everything fun so feel free to ask for a display anytime you want.

      ( Hi everyone. Hope you’re all open to a bit of a darker character. Magpie had an awful childhood and upbringing that left her damged physically and mentally but she’s a real friendly fun loving person. She just happens to be a psychopath. I hope we all have a lot of fun together. )

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      // You should first read the forums at Skyrie.net group. and then at Sandbox group. Especially, since a large portion of us here are not looking for psychopaths since we already have those designated ones. So make sure you ask before you jump in to other people’s rps. Thanks for joining and be aware that we do remove people without notice. //

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>( Ok. There’s goes my excitement and good mood. Sorry if I upset you with Magpie. If it helps you trust me I’ve already got seven characters on Skyrie. When I say she’s a psycho I don’t mean she’s going to attack other rp characters or anything like that. Unless they asked of course. )</p>

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      // I said it to be clear from the start so it doesn’t surprise you. Especially since it seems that lately everyone is trying to push their bad guys and psychopaths on us although we’ve already said we aren’t interested. Of course, you could ask who is and allow them to interact with you. And thank you for the information that you provided. I can’t easily trust anyone, experience doesn’t allow it but thank you for your words to try to comfort us. //

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      (I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to push anything on you at all. I just have seven simple straight forward good characters on here and wanted one to be different. Didn’t actually know there was any bad or insane characters on here. Wish my words were useful to you. Hope I wasn’t too much trouble. )

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      //Hi Magpie, I’m Apple (also Isabelle), your everyday goody-two-shoes. Sorry but I think a psychopath is a bit out of my league for my characters to deal with at least. If Apple had a nemesis, he or she would probably be like a school bully or something, in fact in the old world it was a simple thief n.n; I’ll happily be your friend OOC though owo

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      ( Hi, hello everyone. I hope I’m doing this right, I wasn’t sure where to start. My character is M1:R-0R but it’s more commonly referred to as Miror. It’s a genetic experiment that escaped and woke up in Skyrie. I hope that’s ok. It’s very shy but wants to trust people, it’s not very intelligent though. It can turn into anything it has seen and remembered, near perfectly. That’s all the basics. :) The full details are in the bio. I hope to make lots of friends and have fun. Thank you everyone. )

    • Dielle
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      *Shyly she walks into the room to introduce herself seeing everyone else had already done so before her turn and clears her throat* hello minna, my name is Dielle it is nice to meet you. I came here from Aniroleplay.com and i am friends with Botan in real life because I go to school with her little sister. She asked me to join her here in the hopes I could make some friends. If you want to know anything about me simply ask. *She curtsies respectfully hoping she did it right as it said to introduce who you were here*

    • Hanabi Hyuga
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      *Makes her way over to the introduction area and she bowed to them and in doing so her long raven hair fell in front of her face but she moved it behind her ear to speak raising her head* Hello to you all, my name is Hanabi and i am Hinata’s younger sister. I have heard so much about this wonderful place from my niece and she invited me here to join her and thanks to that i was reunited with my sister so i am grateful. I look forward to meeting you all in due time,


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