Temporary Hide Out (RP Meet & Greet)

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      *Sol and Charlotte returned to the Temporary Hide Out where they met up once more. They would wait there for Captain Yami. Sol and Charlotte, although tired continued to use their magic to both keep the area around the Temporary Hide Out in tact. With Sol’s abilities she could continue to reconstruct the ground around the hide out and the path leading to it so that those looking for the place could still find their way there along with Tamaki’s guidance. Charlotte used her powers to create roses to push away the poisonous miasma that had engulfed the area.* @charlotteroselei @tamaki @blackbullcaptain

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      *There were several refugees inside the temporary hide out and there were still some volunteers keeping things stable outside. He was concerned with Tamaki’s over use of her abilities and the giants and other monsters perished or went into hiding. Saitama caught Tamaki who almost fell out of the sky from exhaustion and flew into the hide out with her to rest a while. He could smell the scent roses thanks to Charlotte but soon enough there was also a calming scent of lavender coming from Satou Arcanum that seemed to be clearing up the dreadful miasma. He was hoping this meant something positive but for some reason the skies outside were still dark. He figured this meant things were not completely stable. But it was quiet and getting a little sleep before another battle would prove satisfactory.* @tamaki

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      *Charlotte wakes up. She’s sitting back to back with Sol on the floor. She slowly gets up but puts Sol’s back against the wall so she doesn’t fall and hit her head. She looks around and notices things are quiet. The fight was over for now. Although she felt some strange spell was unleashed in the borderlands it wasn’t fully active yet. She would have to let Captain Yami and Sol know about this. It was odd. She made sure her magic still worked by making a clear road to the temporary hide out.* Good! I”m still capable of doing magic. I should awaken Sol and head back to the top of the tower. We need to leave the borderlands and see if things are alright there as well. *She would turn and lightly hake her.* Wake up Sol! @solmarron

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      Sis! I’m up already stop shaking me so much. *Looks around* Huh? The monsters are all gone and it doesn’t smell like that disgusting miasma any more. Wow! Let’s get going, so far, things seem safe. We should see how the others are doing. *Leaves the borderlands with Charlotte.*

    • Usada Pekora
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      *First there was a little static in an abandoned building room that had an old computer. Then the static grew until at first a carrot dropped, then two. Finally, the static lasted longer and a bright light flashed in the room and sitting on the floor a bunny girl appeared. She looks around the room. Everything is dark. She feels around for her carrots and puts them in her pocket.* Where am I? It’s true, you should be careful what you wish for. I wanted to be out of the virtual world for a while but this is not what I had in mind. *She looks around and hears movement. She quickly stands, she tries to adjust her eyes in the darkness. The scurrying sounds made her nervous so she looked for a way to get out of the room and outside where there might be more light. Outside, in the light of the moon, she’s able to see around and looks back to see spiders that were about five feet tall, there was some kind of liquid slowly dripping from their bellies to the floor and then the floor would sizzle with the liquid. Her face contorted in disgust and then she finally realized the danger she was in and let out a scream. True to the speed of any rabbit, she hopped and ran fast enough to leave those things behind. She had no idea what direction she was going in but there was a tower visible in the distance. It seemed there was a lantern inside. She eventually found a road where there were signs for a sanctuary. On her way, she finds the temporary hide out and goes inside. She closes the door behind here. There are other’s there, she tilts her head as they all looked confused at them and she looks back at them confused as well. She takes a deep breathe and bows.* I’m sorry to barge in , there are monsters out there. I needed to find a safe place. My name is Usada Pekora. Nice to meet you! Hope you don’t mind if I crash here for a while. *She then passes out.*

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      +As Yuna was running towards the shelter, he heard strange noises which were becoming apparently louder and seemed to be coming closer. He turned around and to his horror an army of spiders about his height were chasing after him. He tried to use magic and although it would seem to manifest it wasn’t strong enough to be used for anything. But his compass pointed towards the shelter.* The shelter, it must be protected by some form of magic. As he passed the threshold he hears the spiders slam up against some kind of invisible shield. He sees them spewing something from their bellies. It would sizzle as it fell to the floor.* Is that acid? *He shook his head.* I must be lucky to find this place. Otherwise, I would have been an easy target.* Slowly, the spiders gave up and ran away. He would let go of a sigh and enter the temporary shelter. He noticed a book of signatures and notes.* So others were here too? *He went and sat behind a row of book cases that were semi-empty. Some dusty old books were on the shelf. And as he was about to lay down, he saw a basket with water and some foods.* Oh? *he took advantage of this, and then found a map that explained to him and whomever ended up in the shelter, how to exit the borderlands of Skyrie.* Borderlands of Skyrie. So this is what this horrid place is. Alright, first some food and water, then a nap and then, I’ll try to follow this map. I don’t want to run into those things again too soon.+

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      *Taking a suggestion given to her by Cindy Cyan, Tamaki had also thought of the idea. Because she wasn’t there all the time, she needed to leave some kind of sign so that those who were looking for temporary shelter could find it easily. She created an esperian imprint and floated up over the the area of the shelter. It would be visible only to those with good intention that needed to find shelter while in the hostile area of the borderlands.*

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      *Kofi was exhausted and relieved to find a shelter with food, water and the possibility of leaving this hostile area. She found some beds and picked one to throw herself in.* Good looooord, get me through this…amen! *she had a difficult time falling asleep but eventually, she did.*