Temporary Hide Out (RP Meet & Greet)

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      // Reply to Amaimon//

      *.* Could tell his brother was getting a bit antsy to make his way into the new world. He was also ready to go for reasons way different. The girl that wouldn’t leave his mind. Snapped out of thinking about her a moment when asked if he was making the journey or staying.*.* Of course you know my answer to that. I’m ready as soon as you both are. First I will gather some supplies so we will have things to keep us hydrated. Scouts the area to see if maybe she was there. Not seeing her met up with amaimon and Athena. Are you both ready for the dangerous journey? @featherofhope @earthking

    • Tobari Hibajiri
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      // hello everyone i am from the game pure pure but i rp different from how the game is so sorry if you do not understand where my rp is going it is just how it starts off. //

      *The sun had set a long time ago now and it was almost midnight but even though she was alone and had no idea just what or who she was being chased by, Tobari ran as fast her feet would carry her looking back every so often to make sure she had gotten some ground at least as to what it could possibly be.* “What in the world..ah mou…just what is going on here..where-ever here is. how did i even get here. One minute i was on the swing in the park and the next i was being  dragged into a portal and i woke up in the middle of this huge area with blood on my forehead and now it seems like something or someone is chasing me that wants to catch me or worse eat me!” *Her thoughts were racing as she had tears in her eyes, she was just a simple mimikko [catgirl, its her races official name] but she was still a little young so she did not fully understand some things. “There has got to be somewhere around that i can rest before my feet fall off, all this running…*She looked back and saw it was still after her and she screamed out a little* “Oh come on! Give me a break and go chase someone else would ya!” *As she ran she thought she saw a shadow of someone else running farther up ahead from her and she tried to call out to get their attention* “H..Hey! Help please, i think something is after me..ahhhhhhhh!” *Just then she felt something hit her feet tripping her in mid run and she hit the ground hard and then blacked out*

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      //this RP started off in Facebook,i have modified it to distinguish how i came to find the bridge that transported me into this world and how i ended up here.//

      *It was raining and the young girl had been safe her in her bed and she could hear sounds of her mother singing in the living room by the fire so she decided to go down and sit in her lap with her teddy bear in her hands. A short time had passed and Chloe began to feel that something was off as her mother never looked at her or opened her arms when she sat in her lap, Chloe loved the sound of her mothers melody but it was so sad she felt like crying but still her mother showed no signs of anything for emotions towards her daughter. She did not see her father and thought he had not yet returned home as he would have been a little more receptive of love towards her but this was not the case for young Chloe.* On her usual days she would sometimes take a night time walk and her self on a bridge, then when she would attempt to cross it the scenery would begin to change. On that night she felt so betrayed by the feeling of rejection for her mothers attention, little known to her that it was all an illusion, she began to be unsure of herself and returned to the bridge where she decided not to turn back and try to cross it to see where it would take her.+ ”What is this…the air seems thick here…so hard to breathe..I must find where this goes and I know i will find my mommy there and i know this is all not real!” *The moment she acknowledged that she had entered a sphere dimension of the most beautiful starlight she had ever seen and she had no idea where she was but she remained calm and decided to try and search for something that seemed familiar to her at all. After a time of not having anything look like what she knew . thought to call the family it would give her hope, that would be quickly dashed the girl then realized she did not have any of the family’s numbers besides her father and mother she tried calling them both. When they didn’t answer is when she got very scared. Did her best to get to safety, and keep composed to not alarm the many enemies there. * I wonder if there is a safe place to hide around here somewhere…. is the chance i will find it greater than that of me being spotted by one of those grueling creatures. * Looked back her body froze, everything told her to run. Wanted to greatly.* No! this can’t be where it ends for me dying before I even reach everyone?” * Taking all the energy she had got moving again. it seemed like ages, somehow she managed to find one makes her way inside falling to the ground exhausted.*

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      /// wow okay so i am shocked i have yet to do this haha gomen. this will be for me as well as my daughter as i notice she is here as i did not know that until saito love told me yesterday bur i had already prepared the intro but now i know tsurara is here i worked her in so. here we go! ///

      –The ninja had been running through the grass lands of the southern woods as she had been training with her bodyguard Raven again but this time she just wanted some time to herself so that she could secretly sneak away and go to her beloved’s side even though it was ill advised from by him. She made a face throwing kunai at him but then when she ran a demon had found its way into the secluded training grounds and she had no idea what it was or where it had even came from but she slashed at it and the attack went straight through it and a thick black smoke poured over her and she screamed out but then was secluded in total darkness causing her to black out and when she came to she was in an even more secluded area but this area was wider and more vast as she could see literally nothing and no one around but ever now and then she heard menacing sounds coming from the east of her position–

      “Oh my god…where am I..this is most certainly not the ninja grounds..what on earth?”

      –Jeanne felt that her soul had been split as she had pains all throughout her body and as she stood up her feet buckled and she fell to the ground. Her ring of engagement was still on her finger as it seemed to glow it resonated with something nearby and she saw a gleam in the distance that somehow looked as it was leading her there so she chose to follow it. Going further she discovered it resonating to a young girl wearing the same type of earrings as she had on and saw it to be her love’s daughter so she picked her up and put her onto her back running with her seeking shelter. After what seemed like an hour or so running she came upon a building structure that seemed abandoned so she went to the doors and opened them going inside only to see a girl struggling with her shirt being caught. She giggled slightly setting free from the door and then walked inside and set down Tsurara-chan and let her rest then took a bottle of water from the nearby table then she looked to the girl that she helped out– “Well hello there, you are alright now dont worry it was just the door.”


    • Yato Aragoto
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      // thanks for the suggestion Lady Helena. I have read all here in each forum and will follow it.//

      #The god of calamity made his way through the realm of the phantoms as he had to save Hiyori from almost being eaten yet again but this time it was different. Yato was taken in a rift in the dimension of sorts and it took him straight from her side to this remote area in the middle of nowhere. Now as he opened his eyes he could barely see and wiping his eyes of any dust in them he looked around and the winds howled but no one was in sight. He tried to call for Hiyori but when he did not see her come he knew they had truly been separated then he sighed and decided to look for shelter as it seemed to since his emotion and began to rain.# Oh come on, you’ve got to be kidding me now your mocking me dammit.” #Standing in the rain was not something he liked so he sent out a spirit energy sos and hoped someone would see it to lead him in the right direction. Some time later he ran after seeing a woman with long blonde hair run in the east direction so he followed after her and suddenly came upon the building she had entered and walked inside then thanked her for helping him find the place. She was confused at his words of course so he explained it to her then went and sit down to rest.#

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      //okay so if you don’t know I’m akane also playing this character :) heres the escape for her. //

      *Atali made her way through the lands and she was so amazed at everything she had seen along the way, everything at night seemed to fascinate her as the fireflies seemed to glow and illuminate her path to take. She saw a man running after a woman with long blonde hair much like her own and she smiled and followed after them with her swift speed and she two doors and opened them walking inside* “Phew made it to safety, at last at least for now. I’ll go in the morning but for now I need some rest.” *She closed her eyes as she sat against the wall*

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      // Hai not sure if i did post or not as it may have been removed or just lost among the masses haha but here goes.//

      ~The idol had been on stage singing his heart out for the love and adoration of his fans and he loved the crowds that had taken the time to come and see him. Sending hugs and kisses to them from the stage made him smile seeing how hyped and excited it made them to see his performance. He ended the song and headed back to his dressing room when all of a sudden the lights went dark and he was standing against the wall in the hallway in complete darkness.~ “Eh Hokuto get a hold of yourself, it must be a maintenance issue don’t panic over something so..” ~He got to his room door and opened it but then realized he was in a whole diferent place and this wide lands were unfamiliar to him.~ “Oh my gosh…where in the word have i ended up…well i guess time to find someone that can maybe give me some answers or something and help me find a safer place” ~He really did not like the weird creature sounds he was hearing as he searched for any forms of shelter~

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      // I didn’t Come from Facebook, heard a lot of things happen to role players pages there. Anyway here is my attempt to escape. Into this exciting place. Not really comfortable using forums yet. I’ll give it a shot.//


      {//*//} It had been a quiet day, just like any other nothing seemed off to her. Sat down to read a book.Little did she know the one she picked out contained some kind of magical powers. Thinking it was just her imagination that transported her to wherever she was now she didn’t think much of it. Just then she heard different sounds that scared her out of her wits.  Looks around to pinpoint where they were coming from.  { I must get to safety….just where is my book?} So many questions stirred in her head. Runs as fast as she could keeping a close eye on her surroundings, to try and find someone who can get her out of here.  Not long after her prayers were answered. She spotted someone fighting to clear a path.  while some of the monsters were distracted took her chance to find the main thing she was looking for a safe place to hide while doing so another person coming into her veiw. From this far she wasn’t able to make it out, it couldn’t be helped. Went over as she got closer she seen it was a girl maybe about her age. Took her hand started running again scouting the area for others along with someone to get them to them where they needed to be. Had many questions for the girl, but she knew it wasn’t the time or place for it. A big grin came upon her face seeing another escorting a group somewhere. {//*//} Come on if we follow them I’m sure we can get out of this place.


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      * Stops into the hide out to check on refugees.* Hi minna! I’m prince Koenma! Welcome ! I brought you special passes so you can stay for free at our hotel in Alihabara, our resort at Seaside beach, our casino rooms at Kabukicho and our dorms on Sugar hill or the one at True Crossover Academy. Plus stop in at the restaurant at Sugarstorm Night club for a meal or our beloved bakery for some sweets. We’ll try to escort you there safely. In the meantime we have water, snacks and sandwiches for our weary travelers. And some nap sacks to rest a bit.

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      *//*She was a little scared as she ran through the grass fields and hearing loud roaring sounds coming from behind her, as if something was hunting her. Yukina made her way a good distance before she felt like her legs would give out on her as she felt weak ever since she had woken up in this place unsure just as to why or how she had gotten to be here.*/* “Oh come on…just what is that thing..why is it following me..i want my daddy! I have to get out of here before that thing tries to eat me!” */*Yukina ran and she hear voices nearby so she skidded to a halt and her shoes caused the grass around her to sway and she blinked listening but then she instantly knew it was someone who would be able to help her so she ran in that direction and saw a group of people were already walking but in another direction she hoped was to safety*/* “H..Hey!!! Wait for me!!!”

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      *Arrives with Sougo and opens the doors to the hide out.* Just run in minna. There should be map which shows you the root to the path that leads to the tower. It’s alright to leave in groups. If you’re a fighter, stay behind the group and keep them safe. The path to the tower is hidden from the giants and other dangerous creature’s view. Once you’re in the tower head up the spiral stairs and go through the gates. You’ll be in the new world. Sougo and I will hold distract these malicious creatures while you get away!

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      * showed up after Sougo and Kikuno. She knew what she needed to do. It wouldn’t be easy to get all the idols to the new world but, she was going to do it anyway. Went to find them at the hideout if she could so they would be able to get on the path and to the tower quickly. Went to greet everyone while she looked for the idols.* I wonder if they even found this place yet if not I’ll have to go out and lead them here first. *Goes and asks all there if they seen any idols around the hideout anywhere.*

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      *Kyo-Ichigo and Mato arrives with Hibiki, Sougo and Kikuno. They quickly get to work pushing away the strange creatures following the escapees towards the hide out. He notices some kind of cat girl pass out. He looks to Mato.* Grab the cat kid and take her to the hide out and throw some water on her face. I’m sure this was shocking. @blueflamerose

      *He continues forward with his scythe slashing away at the strange creatures released by Lord Amon.*

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      *Mato had taken point on it as she rushed over then picked the girl up in her arms and took her into the safety of the hideout.  She took a fan of sorts made of a sheet of paper and made motions to blow wind onto the girl’s face and as she dripped a few drops of water on her face hoping it would wake her she smiled when the girl opened her eyes* “Your safe now relax, we will get you out of here and everything will be just fine.” *She saw them and then she nodded knowing they would be fine*