Temporary Hide Out (RP Meet & Greet)

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      *Renzou and Tsumugu had already left when Bon arrived but he noticed Rock at the door.* Rock! Shouldn’t you be in prison?
      *Bon was accompanied by three ladies. He had gone with one to find another.* What are you doing here? *he looks at him* Wait! Why are you looking at me like that?

      *Looks at the the ladies he brought back to the hide out.* You’re safe here. Maybe my little brother Rin can take you to the surface. Looks like he’s here too.

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      // that girl is @iceshrineprotector //

      *He walks up to Bon and grabs him by the collar* Where have YOU been you bastard? You’re family has been coming back and forth worried sick about you!!! Sheez! I wish I had that kinda love! Baka! You better head back home! And call them! They want you back asap!

      *He looks at the girl @waterlily *
      I think I saw a girl just like you, she left with Renzou earlier to Akihabara. Don’t know if your twins but if she’s your family, you should head out there and look for her.

      *Turns his attention back to Bon.* AND YOU! GRRRR

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      // got it! Arigato! //

      *he pushes Rock back* Alright already!! No need to rough me up! I was doing work here. *He picks up his phone and checks his messages. He realized he needed to get back right away.* Damn! A few of our elders passed away while I was here. *His heart sinks.* I need to head back right away!

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      *Rock let’s Bon go and then puts a hand on his shoulder.* I’m sorry man! Listen, at least you were here doing what they probably would want you to be doing. I mean you’re helping others. I’ll accompany you back since this seems very important and you look kinda pale right now. Here! You can lean on me. I’ll make sure you get home!

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      // haha you keep messing up her tag//

      Alright, we’ll pass by the city anyway. Let’s drop them off there.

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      *Got his brothers message leading the girls out to the new world quickly, Along with Chloe,Eli,and Nico. He did so them had to make his way back to get his kids to safety too.*

    • Aoi Tsubaki
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      //new Rp of how we came to be here.//

      (The winds seemed to blow strong as it whipped her hair behind her and her eyes stung a little as she had been tending to the inn one moment then the next in this barren wastelands and she looked around wondering just what in the world had she stepped into this time and knew the master would not be pleased with her if she would have gotten hurt at any time but for now she needed to worry on just where she was and how she had come to be here. The dust blew around her and Aoi could not hardly see anything but she could hear strange sounds as if something was watching her lying in wait.) “Oh dear, what on earth…where am I? This is not the inn anymore…have i ventured into the ayakashi realm again..oh no. Odanna-sama will be upset with me! I have to find my way out of here!” (She had not figured out just where “here” even was but looking around after running for a short time she saw a bright blue flame light but she could tell right away it was an ayakashi flame and she ran towards it hoping to see just who it belonged to and maybe they could give her some answers that she wanted to know of this area) “Please let it be someone I know and not something that wants to eat me!” *She prayed as she ran towards it*


    • Tokihiko
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      *The ayakashi youkai was wondering just what he had woken up to as he opened his eyes and could barely see anything himself but this area seemed to welcome him though it was not like orio-ya at all, but entirely different and he did not see Hattori anywhere either.* “Hm, it would seem that something is at work here though I am unable to determine what that may be.” *Tokihiko kept on walking as his scar had been leaking out his power in the form of the bright blue flames and he could fell his power had increased but how he wondered as he kept on forward. After a few hours of walking he seemed to hear a voice but no one had been around for miles and he sighed* “Oh great now I am hearing things eh, Hattori would just love this one” *As he went on a little more he seemed to hear running footsteps echoing in the distance and his ears had caught the sound being the powerful ayakashi youkai that he was he could hear it but could also hear something else as if the one running was being chased. He chose to run towards the steps and then could see the human girl of Tenjin-ya running from what seemed like a creature he had not seen before and he called out to her* Aoi-chan? What are you doing out here it’s dangerous! Come hurry we must get to somewhere safe or master Odanna will kill me if anything happens to you!” *He caught up with her then sent a powerful wave of blue flame energy toward the creature killing it and he caught her and took her to a safe area he saw in the distance where he could sense others had been seeking shelter even if only temporary* “Let us remain here for a time, are you hurt at all?” *He asked when he had gotten them there safely*

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      “T…Tokihiko-san? No I am not hurt, are you alright your wound is bleeding again, you got me here safe at least let me treat your injuries! its the least I can do to thank you for getting me here” (She looked around for a first aid kit but when she did not find anything like that she took the silk handkerchief she had with her and wet it with some nearby water in a bottle and dabbed it against his forehead and was glad when he did not refuse her to do so. She could see that a few others had also been taking refuge here and she smiled slightly at the thought then cleaned his wound and the flame of his power seemed to subside but only slightly but she knew he was alright.) “I heard someone nearby over there say that they will be escaping to safety from beyond here in the morning, let us get some rest and maybe we can go with them and get out of here.” (Aoi looked to him before laying down she was so tired it felt like forever since she had been so sleepy but she closed her eyes and last thing she saw was him sitting near the wall protective watch over her to make sure she was alright and she fell to sleep.)

      //we will leave it here for someone else to take it from here and bring us to safety beyond this point.//

    • Tokihiko
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      /// yeah sure thing! awesome replies by the way.//

      *He blinked but did not push her away and as he closed his eyes against the blood being cleaned from his scar wound he could feel how much this meant to her and allowed her to do so. As he listened to her he could tell that the others were planning to depart from here and when he heard her say to rest so that they may go with them in the morning he opened his eyes and saw that she had laid beside the wall and he allowed her to rest then closed his own eyes getting some rest as well but he would still be alert if he needed to be to keep her safe* “Yeah, rest Aoi-chan, we will be out of here before you know it.”

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      *Kurai-celeste had come back to the hideout to bring some food and water along with some more blankets as she knew that it sometimes required they would need to rest for a while before attempting to cross into the new world and she wanted to help in some way as she had already gotten through with the help of Ciel. She had gotten word that her brother Bon had returned home safely and she was glad he had gotten some rest but now was her turn to help the others to reach this new world* Rest up we will go when you all are rested enough to make it.