Mysterious Appearances

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      Everyone calls me JoeKid but my name is Johnny Joestar, mister Kondo.

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      *Gori was surprised to hear the name Joestar and looked at Iggy.* Did he know? Did Iggy know? *he would then reply,.* It’s nice to meet you Joe Kid. I think you might have some family here. But we’ll verify that when I get you to the hospital. Rest, I’ll get you there as soon as possible.

    • Johnny Joestar
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      *he was feeling more and more relaxed.* Thank you Kondo, sir. *He had not really taken in everything Kondo had said because he was kinda dizzy and simply struggling to hold on.*

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      *Naofumi had been resting with his travel companions at the Resort Inn back at Cal Mira Archipelago. Naofumi had jumped up to his feet only to realize that the reason he suddenly woke up from his peaceful sleep was because he felt an earthquake beneath his feet, thunder and lightning sounded like the angry gods fighting in the sky and the strange lights that temporarily surrounded him and then disappeared. He looked around and found himself in the middle of a raining forest where in the distance he could see giants being punched to the ground by one bald man. It was shocking to watch but there was more, he witnessed strange creatures crawling out of the ground and a girl with short green hair floating in the air was making them float, turning them into some kind of whirlwind and tossing them into the sea. Naofumi’s eyes widened as he watched but he realized that standing around was not safe. He began to run. He had no clue which direction to run in.* What the hell is this? Where am I? *he noticed he still had his shield.* Wherever I am, I hope this still works here! But where the hell am I? *He grunted as he realized he was no longer at Cal Mira.*

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      *Nic and Ric had been living in the abandoned buildings after they themselves mysteriously appeared in the borderlands. They had been staying there for some time in a far region where the buildings were still holding up although, you could tell the place was completely abandoned. They had helped some people get out of the area and to the shelter but never went there themselves. Until this event shook them our of their buildings that began to crumble down when the earthquake began to increase in power.* Hey kid! *they were surprised to see that Naofumi had appeared right in front of them.* There’s no time to stand around looking shocked and asking yourself where you are! Use those legs to run! And defend yourself if you can! *He pointed* We’re going in that direction. There’s where the temporary shelter is but we may have to use that route to get ourselves out of here. *Ric was unaware that the earthquake might have been extended to the area outside the borderlands. He figured it had something to do with the increasing number of giants.* Hurry! Getting attacked in this place can get a bit rough!

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      *Naofumi was kind of relieved to see other humans running around. These two seemed armed and dangerous so he wasn’t sure if he should trust them but he didn’t feel he had much of a choice under the circumstances. And they seemed not to be worried whether Naofumi trusted them or not, they continued to move forward slaughtering anything dangerous that moved towards them.* Guess I’m safer with those two!

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      *Nic wasn’t very talkative. In fact, he didn’t speak at all as he made his way through the forest and slaughtered a number of strange creatures with a quick slash of his sword. He would turn back to see if Naofumi was keeping pace. He was glad to see that Naofumi did listen to them. He didn’t know who the kid was but he felt it was their duty not to leave someone who had just arrived in the middle of all this chaos.*

    • Kiryu Setsuna
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      *Setsuna had been up ahead, he had just finished slaughtering a giant centipede with his bare hands. He looked at Nic, Ric and Naofumi. It was hard to tell if Setsuna was friend or foe because of the look on his face and the animalistic way in which he killed the centipede.* Oh? There are more people out here! Hey! Don’t look at me like that! *he grins a bit* I’ve just been living out here for a while. *he turns around to call over his companion.* Right Tokita! Look, we’ve got company.


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      *Ric was surprised but he remained calm.* You’re strong guy! We aren’t looking for trouble. Not now at least. *He jokes a bit.* I’ve been living out here with Nic too and this guy. *Points at Naofumi.* Just appeared here! Do you know what’s up with this earthquake and all these creatures just poppin’ up out of nowhere?

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      *Ohma walks over to see who Setsuna is talking to. Ohma was shirtless with blood all over his body, not necessarily his own. He looked wild and demonic. His veins were practically popping out. He then pointed at Saitama.* I want to reach that guy! Look how strong he is! *a wild look would appear in his eyes when looking at Saitama.* These creatures? They’ve always been in this area. I guess the earthquake brought them out. But I don’t mind. It gives me something to use my niko style on and get myself ready for a fight with that guy.

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      *He was a bit shocked, that in the middle of all this madness Ohma was more interested in reaching Saitama’s level of strength and fighting him rather than getting out of the area and looking for safety.*

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      *Floats over to Saitama.* Baka baldy !!! This is no time to be conceited! There might be people trying to get to safety! Tch! *She then looks over and notices all the men.* Alright, keep the giants away! I’ll left them up and put them in the tower so they can escape.

      *She uses her telekinesis to lift the guys into the air to their surprise and then quickly moves them through a horde of giants trying to reach out to for them. She puts them in the tower.* Get out of here! Quickly! I don’t know if the tower will hold up for long!

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      *Surprised by the telekinesis from Tamaki but returns to reason and convinces the rest of the crew they would head out of that tower and find another area where they could find some safety.*

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