Mysterious Appearances

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      Alright! Let’s try the other side of this building then. If we just want to avoid the damn thing but we can squash it too. Besides, whatever acid that thing has if it gets me, Josuke can fix me up.

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      Tch! Gimmie a damn break! We arrived here with all of ours in tact. So what are you talking about now? *he pulls his hat.* I’m going out there, beating the shit outta that tarantula! And we are outta here! *he jumps out the window.*

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      *Jotaro ran straight towards the tarantula type creature, before it could spit anything out, he stopped time.* This should do it. *He grabbed Josuke and Jovelle and put them where they would be able to run from behind the creature. Then as time ran out he got in front of the creature, moved away from it’s spit and then pummeled it to death. He then runs behind Josuke and Jovelle as they head up the pathway that leads out of the borderlands.* Keep running. There’s nothing else behind us!

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      *She laughs at Josuke’s reaction.* There, quickly! *She lead the way up the tower and out the gates and into the new world. The borderlands now behind them as they headed back home.*

      //this RP finito//

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      // RP specific to Gon, Vegeta and Gouku @gon5 / @vegetadbz / @kakarotdbz //

      -Enter the God of Destruction, the Saiyans and the Hunter-

      *An angelic attendant of Universe 7’s God of Destruction known as Whis was escorting Lord Beerus, a hunter and two saiyans to the new world that had caught his attention. They traveled at the speed of light engulfed in a protective crystal-like ball.

      Lord Beerus had seen Helena through the Ultharian Gateway passageway. He sensed her presence had gotten stronger and it had been practically eons since he last saw her. He was surprised to find out she had survived the persecution and destruction of the people of her distant planet. Lord Beerus had gone through several changes since then and was now the powerful God of Destruction of the 7th Universe. He would be accompanied by Hunter Gon, saiyan prince Vegeta and saiyan pain-in-the-ass Gouku.

      Lord Beerus would ask Whis to leave them at their destination. Although Whis was not thrilled with this idea, Lord Beerus insisted. Beerus reminded him that this was a personal visit to someone he had once known. He wanted to see what kind of person she had become and if he would have to challenge her, especially after he sensed the intensity of her powers. The saiyans were both curious about this new area of the world they had not been too. Gouku had especially insisted that he wanted to accompany Lord Beerus as soon as he heard that there might be mighty warriors there that he could fight against to test his strenght. Vegeta was pulled into this trip by Gouku and although he didn’t admit it, he was equally curious. They also wanted to see who this person was that could have possibly been a past owner of Lord Beerus. The thought Lord Beerus had always been a god.

      Gon was someone of interest to Beerus that he picked up along the way. He figured he would make an interesting addition, especially for his particular plans. Gon who was an avid explorer agreed to join them.

      Lord Beerus also had another motive for arriving in the new world. One which involved several great warriors that had arrived and would be arriving in the same dimension sooner or later. He didn’t tell anyone but Whis about his plans, for now Lord Beerus wanted to explore this new place that his former owner was currently inhabiting. Whis left them in the borderlands.  If Whis did this purposely or if it was a mere coincidence, they would never know. The  first impression of the place was somewhat disappointing to the four travelers.*

      *Lord Beers looks around.* What is this filth? Abandoned buildings being crushed by wild trees, uncleaned streets,  this place looks deserted. Is there anything here? *He could see unused railway tracks and several strange creatures that had not approached him initially. Then he heard the thumping on the ground that made his body jump.* Ugh! Giants! Here?  Where does a god find descent food around here? Let’s go ask that damned giant if this whole place is like this.


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      *Arms crossed, he looks around suspiciously.* Something is wrong here. *he looked around and although the place seemed abandoned, he saw footsteps for several different species, human and non-human.* There seems to be some kind of place that all these footprints are leading to. Maybe we should follow those. That giant annoys me and I just want to knock him out.

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      *Excited and wide-eyed* This place looks like a real dump. You sure your friend lives here Beerus? *then his attention is diverted* OH WOW! We’re here! Is that a giant! Can I fight him Lord Beerus? Can I? Can I? Can I?

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      Not yet you moron! Let’s see if that giant can give us some answers. *he crossed his arms and walked towards the flesh eating giant that was staring at them as they approached.*

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      *At this point Gon was simply following them but he stopped Lord Beerus.* He seems hostile. I don’t think we should get any closer.

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      Lord Beerus, he’s right!  I think the damn thing is salivating. We’re not gonna be your meal pal so you can forget about it! Tch! Hey Gon, stick with me kid! This places is not rubbing me the right way.