Mysterious Appearances

    • Dark Schneider
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      What the hell are you talking about? *looks over to Lord Diablo.* I always listen to you. You said you were hungry right? *He was referring to his own hunger.* We’ll get something to eat when we get out of this abandoned part of town. Come on , let’s hurry!

    • Lord Diablo
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      *Rolls his eyes as he listens to Schneider.* Yeah you aren’t listening. *He continues to do his work until they reach Tamaki and both of them bow their heads.* @tamaki I’m aware that you are the guide to this area. So, we thank you! We will be able to complete our journey from here. You do not need to bother with us. *Then both Dark Schneider and Lord Diablo leave the borderlands.*

      // End of Schneider and Diablo’s rp here . //

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      // solo act… Zoro’s appearance//

      *Zoro had parted ways with Luffy and the crew for a while. He often disappeared and would return later. This time was a little different, he had gotten on a ship that he believed to be headed to his birthplace East Blue. He had some unfinished business there he wanted to settle but the universe had other plans for him. The ship traveled for a long time. There was a lot of shipmates on board. There was no lack of signing, drunkenness and plenty of stops along the way. One night as he was sleeping there was a strange silence. As Zoro headed on deck, he realized the ship was in the middle of the ocean alone. Zoro ran back and forth looking for anyone who might be on board but there wasn’t a soul on board with him. He figured he would steer the ship but with his sense of direction things might just not work out as planned. There was a dark fog ahead and he tried to steer away from it but no matter where he turned the ship, the fog seemed to surround him. Then the ship began to whirl until Zoro was too dizzy to stand. He sat on the ships floor trying to keep an eye open, the ship began to come apart. Zoro grabbed on to the steering wheel and looked around. There was nothing else to grab on to. Then his sword began to glow. He grabbed on to it.* It’s odd you would react to this but please, help me get safely to land. *The sword would glow even brighter and allowed him to cut around the ship leaving him with a piece wide enough to hold him, a wave came and pushed him onto the shore. It had battered him against some trees. Since he was holding on to his sword, the sword kept him from being dragged back into the ocean. This is where, as he opened his good eye, he found himself in a strange land and some creatures looking at him like he was going to be their next meal. He pulled the sword from the tree that had anchored him and began to fight. He fought until many of the creatures backed off. Then he ran, this time, rather than following his sense of direction, he followed the glow of the sword. It led him straight to where Tamaki hovered over a temporary shelter, where he decided to take refuge, find some answers and rest for the night.*

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      // New Solo Entry. //

      *Ryura’s body began to manifest itself. Small orbs of his spirit began to come together forming his body until his form was complete and his eyes were glowing in the darkness while his body seemed like a shadow. Eventually, his flesh began to form upon his body covering his Daiyokai form. His fierce aura throbbed around him as it adjusted to the newly awakened body. He had heard Lord Sesshomaru summon him. He was both angered to be summoned but grateful to be alive once again. Once his manifestation was complete. He walked through the borderlands. It was a broken down place filled with trees that had overgrown and were crushing old structures and tearing them apart. Cracked roads spread out before him, abandoned vehicles and the movement of strange creatures quickly moving and hiding away. He wasn’t sure what they were but he paid no mind to them. They were of no concern to him. He caught sight of a tower. His instincts told him he would find his way towards Sesshomaru if he headed in that direction. He made his way there, it took him a while, it was even darker when he emerged through the gates. There were vehicles trying to get his attention and calling to him. But he ignored them and in one step disappeared from his sight. He would be heading straight to the Eerie Eastern Lands where the voice that called to him waited patiently.* @lordsugarsesshy I heard you conjure me! I’m heading your way.

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      *When Elijah ended his life along with his brother Klaus, he never imagined he would appear in some strange new world. He wondered if this would be a test for him. Elijah wondered if he would see any of his siblings here. They had, in fact, said they would remain together ‘Always and Forever,’ but this wasn’t anything at all as he imagined. As he opened his eyes he found himself in a coffin within an abandoned church in the borderlands. He wasn’t born into a new world, he awakened in it. He was expecting to be among familiar faces that had died before him. Perhaps this was a purgatory for him. He pushed open the coffin lid, then he slowly got out of the coffin. He was still a vampire. It irked him that his curse followed him to this new world, and yet he felt it would be to his advantage. His suit was dusty so he could only pat it with his hands for now. He would find a stream and bathe in it. He washed his suit there and sat naked by some trees. It was evening and he knew the clothes would take long to dry. He then noticed some strange creatures flash by him but not approaching.* Were those… spiders? *He couldn’t believe the size of the creatures. He remained perfectly still to see if he could focus on them. They were fast so he wanted to see them in case he had to defend himself against whatever creatures they were. He wondered if the place had been abandoned, especially when he noticed broken roads and abandoned buildings in the distance. He heard footsteps. He wasn’t sure if they were human or not since their blood didn’t smell purely human. He grabbed his clothing and hid. He wasn’t up for a fight yet but he would fight if he needed to. He found a branch and broke it, it was was sharp enough to use to impale anyone or anything that approached. He heard the voices of a young female and a young male. The female was surely a vampire but he wasn’t sure about the male. Was she luring the male there so she could eat him? He waited patiently. Perhaps this was the moment he was waiting for, an opportunity to steal her prey. This didn’t occur, to his surprise the female approached him at full speed without attacking him. Rather she held out a what looked like a blood pack and since he was so hungry, he took it and drank it but never stopped looking at the two who came to him. The male was searching in his bag for something. The male that was searching had blonde hair and bright amber eyes. The male then pulled out a trench coat from his bag and put it over Elijah’s shoulders. It was this strange gesture that led him to believe they were rescuing him. Imagine that, Elijah, an original being rescued by two children. Perhaps they were hybrid like his brother Klaus was. His mind raced with thoughts. He was suspicious of their kindness but accepted it all the same. He figured he could escape from them if he needed to. He felt himself regain his strength but this wasn’t enough, nor was it regular blood, it wasn’t human blood, the female must have read his mind because she said that drinking human blood was frowned upon and punishable by law here. So he looks at the pack realizing it was synthetic. They hadn’t put anything that would make him groggy to his relief, this lead him to believe they were telling the truth. Finally, they did confirm what he was previously thinking. They came looking for lost arrivals to this area which they called the borderlands. The female was named Saya and the male was named Alfonso. They spoke English perfectly well. At least this is what he thought since he understood them and was communicating with them in this particular language. He would see where they would lead him only because he felt lost in this place. They said they would take him somewhere safe. He had many questions as he walked along with them.* My name is Elijah, Elijah Mikaelson. Have you heard of me? Do you know who I am? What is this place? Is this a world of hybrid vampires? Are you two..*He points at them not sure what to consider them,* hybrids as well? Why have I arrived here? I thought I had died along with my brother. *As he walked a short distance behind them. He could tell they were very trusting of him. Either they were very foolish or very confident in their skills. As he was curious and wanted answers he would refrain from attacking unless he was provoked. When Elijah ended his life along with his brother Klaus. He never imagined he would appear in some strange world surrounded by hybrids.* @sayamaebelle @alchemistbros