Escape from the Old World (facebook) RP

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      *He leads them through the strange terrain as he continues to glance at his map and then looks up to make sure he’s heading in the right direction.*

      // this rp will continue elsewhere. Arigato for the invite and we’re glad to be in Skyrie //

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      // sorry if i bypass the hideout, seems mato is eager for me to get here to pull me around and how me the many places here haha. the escape begins.//


      *Erato sighed as the day was much like any other he was in the seat at the school and wished for the day to be over with. His stomach rumbled as he had realized he forgotten his lunch before he raced out the door this morning and he groaned putting his head onto the desk. When the bell sounded he made his way out to the cafeteria to buy food when it suddenly went dark outside and he wondered just what was going on.* “Geez what now, can’t i ever have a peace time where i have the food i want….apparently not”


      *Sighed to himself and walked to the window to look outside but all he saw was a void hole in the sky and someone falling from it. He opened the window and gasped as he saw the long black hair and the bright blue of the flame power around her body,  he had only read about it from the holy textbooks in the library but he jumped out to go help her little to know that it would set off a chain of events that would change his world he knew. He got to her and caught her from getting hurt but as soon as he caught her his whole body seemed to freeze and pulse and he blinked wondering just who she was and what was happening.


      He began to see images in his mind of this girl and himself but in different forms from themselves and both engaging in battle and he almost dropped her from the shock.* “Just who are you…what are you and why were you falling from that thing up there!” *He needed answers but it looked like she was unable to give them right then and there as just in a matter of moments they were both enveloped in a void and transported into a wide area with nothing around for what seemed like forever, it was a wide battle stricken lands as he saw the girl had woken up and was almost just like he was.


      He had not known he was a twin as his adopted parents never told him who his true family was as it was kept in his records but they were confidential and he was never told why or anything about who he truly was. He heard a loud roar from a little off in the distance and he saw the girl had turned into a different person, she had now longer black hair and the bright blue flame and a long coat with a black star on it and he saw her race off towards the direction the deadly piercing sound had come from* “H..Hey wait, where are you going? I’m coming with you, no way in hell your leaving me here!” *He said as he followed after her*


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      ///wow nice! I like it. Here we go lol.///

      *Mato had been in her inner realm before this all had began to take events and she was practicing but something inside her soul told her, more like warned her that somewhere out there her twin brother’s life was in danger and to her she was confused as she did not know she even had a sibling much less a twin. It was big news to her as she became so rattled by the news of this it shook her distortion world and she was sent flying from it and to the natural appearance it looked like she was falling from the sky. Her gasp out as she fell was replaced by a grunt as she noticed someone had caught her fall and she turned to look but it was to late*

      “No you idiot don’t touch me! If you do we both are going to…” *Her words were interrupted as she saw the black void take over them both in that moment and transported them both back to the borderlands she had escaped from before but now here she was yet again but he had followed her because he tried to act like a hero and save her as she would have been just fine but she figured he did not know that being he did not know who she was. She was standing there and looked at him but now was not the time to be angry as she would be cross with him at a later time but for now she needed to do something of the creature sounds she heard or they would both be killed and eaten. She heard his words and then huffed out a tch sound* “Fine whatever come along but if you get yourself killed it isnt on me got that!” *She activated her blue flames and she could tell he was a little confused at all this but she just ran off at a blinding speed impressed that he seemed to keep up with her*

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      “Yeah yeah we can worry about that later as i can tell when someone is close to/wanting to tell me something in this sorta situation but as i said, later time.” *He said as he ran with her he was also surprised that it was easy to match her speed and as they ran he followed her because of the bright blue of her flame that seemed to act as their light in the dark that now surrounded them.* “What are those sounds coming from the distance, do you even know where we are, wow im so confused here yet at the same time i feel like this whole thing is a bad case of the deja vu i’ve only read about in books. h..Hey! Look out!”

      *He rushed over and moved her out of the way as he could see something moving in the dark of the shadows and he took the sword she had sheathed on her back and swung it as hard as he could killing the illusion of the creature near that had been following them. He could see the amazement on her face that he even grabbed the sword much less could sense that it was even there and he blinked for a moment but then lunged forward and the blue of the flame on the sword seemed to activate to him as he killed it then handed the sword back to her as they stopped running they did not hear anymore sound for a time and he turned to her* “What on earth was that thing…and those flames…just what are you…” *Before he could finish asking her the questions he had he felt so weak he passed out and fell beside her on the ground as the blue of her flames protected his body but his own flames had yet to activate as his emotions were all over the place and he had no idea at this time that he even had them also.*

      // End of the first part here, it will continue at the infirmary love that idea thanks mato :) //