Escape from the Old World (facebook) RP

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      *He returns and looks at them.* Auntie Red, do you want to head out of here for now? I can take you somewhere to rest or maybe I can drop you off at the bakery?

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      That sound good after we get these last bit pass gate.

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      *He waves at Alto and Red.* Get back safe.
      *He then looks back at Cauis, Mai and Kurumi.* Alto can’t carry everyone, he’s taking auntie Red so we’ll have to make our way out of here via foot. Remember what I told you and be ready to fight if the old guardians notice us. *he keeps the conversation to a whisper.* Had any of you ventured in here before to help retrieve the escapees?

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      I always ready to help. You know how I am. There is times I need to get out of smithery. ^^”

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      *Leuko finds his wife as she enters the border between the old world and the new.* I’m here my queen! You wont have to fight! I’ll take you to your destination safely. Let me fight any battle ahead. I shall take you to the world I promised you! It shall be our new home and safe haven. Your children are already waiting! *he picks her up in his arms and heads forward. He is fortunate to have Gin, Yukio and Kagura nearby in case he needs extra help.*

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      *Leuko puts Tama down briefly so that she can grab the box.* It is not that baka brother of mine Tatsuma trying to get a ride in this box? Is it? *he raises and eyebrow as he looks towards Tama.*

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      I see! That is what you mean by something precious. *He looks at the box carrying a young girl @tamaki and back at Tama.* If you insist. Very well, the coast is clear now so let’s hurry through the quiet path. *he picks Tama up who’s holding the box and rushes towards the tower where they make their escape.*

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      *Before Jovelle, Jotaro and Joseph had entered the new world, they had embarked on their journey through the borderlands. The descendants of Joseph Joestar @jojo had made their way into the new world to meet up with the members of the family that had helped them through a few of their bizarre adventures. They were ready to cross and would fight their way through at any cost. They were no strangers to the bizarre so crossing the borderlands would be no different. Jovelle cracked her knuckles and would smile playfully as she looked over to her brother Jotaro who was standing with a very non-emotional demeanor, meanwhile, her grandfather Joseph was looking at a map he had gotten.* Are we heading in the right direction? *she would ask him.* I’m kinda glad you decided not to fly in here. I don’t think I can take another one of your plane crashes.

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      *As they first step into the borderlands, Jotaro looks around, he’s studying his surroundings and staying alert at the same time he’s listening to his sister. He keeps his hands in the pockets of his long coat.* Hurry it up old man! Which way are we going?