Bizarre Arrivals

    • Esidisi
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      *It didn’t take long for Esidisi to burst forth from the pillar. He jumped to the ground and noticed Santana and Wamuu bowing. He also notices the environment that they had been moved to. He wondered who brought them to this place. But it didn’t matter why, what mattered to him was that they were awake and had much to discover.* Move back! Kars is about to step forth. I don’t want anyone even touching his shadow as he descends from the pillar! Understood!

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      *Santana obeys without question. He barely stands and quickly moves backwards. Far enough to give Kars space to emerge from the pillar but close enough to be seen and acknowledged by him.*

    • Wamuu
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      Of course master! *Wamuu replied as he kept himself alert to any outside noises but quickly moved back the same way Santana did. He eagerly awaited Kars’ awakening.*

    • Kars
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    • Kars
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      *Kars breaks out of the pillar. His body gracefully flows forward towards his brethren. His smile filled with determination and curiosity. He addresses them with authority.* We must learn more of this place we have awoken to and set forth our plan.  Let’s find our way through this new world and conquer it all! I shall become the ultimate lifeform in this world since we were thwarted from our plans in our previous world. Is it still light out? Let us go forth in darkness and become the suns of this world! Our victory shall be everything and will find the source that is creating a disturbance in this world and use it to wipe out the sun! Then…. *he grins*… we’ll conquer all!

    • Esidisi
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      *Esidisi would smile* You’re words are law brother! Let us go forth and see what this puny world has to offer. *As they walk they allow Santana to inform them of everything he learned in the library and they sense the strange creatures that are outside the museum waiting to attack them. But the creatures seems to know better and hesitate to approach the pillar men.*

    • Wamuu
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      *Santana and Wamuu walk on either side of Kars and Esidisi and act as their body guards. The large muscular men that look like they were just released from Ancient Egypt walk out the door of the museum into a strange and broken down environment. He steps forward and utters the words,* ‘Raging Tornado Aftermath!’ *a raging tornado picks up all living monsters and creatures that try to get near them and delivers a lariat that downs them all and once it connects, makes them hit the floor hard enough to bounce.* Away with you! If you step in my shadow it shall be your death!

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      *Santana picks off some of the monsters with the ribs that burst out of his body, then pulls them in as he quickly absorbs them and learns their composition and their instinctive memories.* I know which way we must go.

      *The Pillar Men find their own way out of the borderlands and didn’t encounter Tamaki, Saitama or others who seemed to be busy elsewhere. They found a different path that led them to the tower which allowed them to exit into the world. Then they explored the strange impending apocalyptic weather and tried to pinpoint the location of the source that would help them wipe out the sun from this world.* It is already dark outside and if the source continues this path, it shall remain so. Let us head in that direction.


      // End of this RP here… will continue elsewhere //

    • Vanilla Ice
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      *Father Pucci wasn’t the only devotee of Lord Dio, Vanilla Ice appeared on the scene. His stand allowed him to venture through many voids and this particular one was no exception. Although is arrival seemed comical. He was nothing to laugh about. A vampire with the ability to drink human blood and absorb their bodies into a void that could break them apart while still alive was nothing to joke about. He appeared in the borderlands and watched Father Pucci’s movements. He was aware that the priest would lead him straight to Lord Dio. He curiously watched the Pillar Men for a while. His instincts told him not to get to close to them. He waited at the abandoned museum for a while until they had left a path of death around them. He followed but then parted ways when he saw Tamaki hovering over the sky. This caught his attention and he headed in that direction. But when he reached the place, he wasn’t able to enter the hide out so he continued on his way, after feasting on several of the monsters in the area. He climbed up the spiral stairs of the tower that would lead outside. There he found a world in chaos. His eyes were amazed by the vast destruction and the unstable and deadly weather patterns. He would have to find shelter on his own while he searched for Lord Dio.

    • Melone
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      *Melone and Risotto @nero planned to arrive at the borderlands by following the priest. They had not met the priest but they had gotten wind of his plans. He was going to jump into an open vortex that had swallowed up a ship. The ship was the same one that had disappeared with Bruno and his crew. In order to fulfill their scheme to assassinate them, they decided to follow the priest. Once they arrived at the borderlands, they watched as the priest left a giant stone pillar at the abandoned museum. They thought it was silly for him to carry that just to leave it. So they hid in the office building next door to the museum so that they wouldn’t be following him closely. They were shocked when a blasting sound and four large and muscular men walked out of the museum. Melone and Risotto simply looked at each other. Even more bizarre was the arrival of Vanilla Ice. That was completely unexpected to them. They were glad they had decided to wait things out in the office building. But the environment outside seemed to much for Melone to handle, even thought Risotto wanted to leave right away, Melone wasn’t having it. They cleared the building and Melone got busy setting traps. He figured they could stay there for a while til the others left the area so they wouldn’t noticed they had been followed.*

    • Risotto
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      *Risotto originally wanted to keep going but he wasn’t about to compromise his goal because Melone was nervous. His nervousness was also something he decided was intuition so he agreed to Melone’s request. He was glad he did. What he had observed during the time they were in the office building next to the museum was revealing but also mysterious and made him curious.

      They watched the pillar men come to life and they also saw what Vanilla Ice was capable of. This made them realize they weren’t the only ones who had followed the priest.  Risotto made notes to himself to find out more about these individuals but his main goal was to reach Bruno and assassinate him and his crew. If they thought they could disappear into another dimension, they were gravely mistaken.

      Once Melone was safe inside the building Risotto went outside and tested the area surrounding them. This way they could pick which was the best route to travel towards the temporary hide out that was pinned on a board inside one of the offices in the building. Risotto also took note that someone was there waiting and protecting the place. This made him understand there  might be more of these type of rescuers or guardians in the area. Risotto realized they would have to be tactical in their exit from the borderland area to. But for now, the felt safe where they were, if anything went wrong, they would rush towards the hide out for safety, but for now, they would hold up in the building that had been abandoned.*

      //rp continued elsewhere.//

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      As Ibuki told her story to her childhood friends, she went back and told of fond memories of her friends…


      She met Satanachia, Damiana and Leviachan when they were in kindergarden and became close friends. She once ended up on an illegal fishing boat and ended up in another country. With the help of the GrandSugarClan, she was quickly found in another country. She was saved and returned to her temporary guardians. She was always bold in personality and unique in appearance. This often ended up getting her into trouble as people prejudged her but never her friends. Then came a time that they all disappeared from the old world and Ibuki was heartbroken. So she missed them greatly. She wrote their names down and drew hearts around them she she would never forget them. And she kept their names in a necklace that their grandmother Helena gave her. She treasured it and kept it close.The one thing Ibuki loved was wrting songs and playing with her band. She would embrace the heavy metal genre as her music of choice, which turned off many talent scouts that would come watch her band.


      Ibuki eventually beccame a student of Shiba Academy. She ended up having a daughter, Seiki but because of the circumstances in which this happened, she doesn’t know who the father is and didn’t want to talk to anyone about it. She then switched schools to remake herself after she gave birth and went to Hope’s Peak Academy. She kept her daughter a secret since she was realize there were too many strange deaths and disappearances in the school happening around her. Her goals were to get out from the Killing School Trip and to use her music to make the world happy.


      Unfortunately Mikan Tsumiki caught the Despair Disease and this lead her to the planned murder of Ibuki, she ended up strangling Ibuki to death. While Ibuki had been an obedient and gullible target, at one point she thought of her daughter. She almost yelled out and by some strange circumstance her supposedly dead body was surrounded by an eerie calmness, she felt herself yanked away from that world as she opened her eyes, he noticed her daughter in her arms. There were tears. She thought she had died but her child’s warmth felt real. She held her child tight as the strange calmness unfolded and she found herself in the borderlands.

      Finding herself in the borderlands, she held her child and snuggled her but then realized that there was something dangerous still lurking around them. She ran and ran with her child on her back until they found shelter. Ibuki was later reading entries in the temporary shelters with names of those who had entered the borderlands and how they were told to go up the spiral stairs of a tower and then signed off with the words. “Wish me luck!” So she did as they did and found herself outside the borderlands and cars were waiting to take her to the Sugarview Medical Center. She was relieved and was eager to get there to make sure she wasn’t dreaming and that she and her daughter were saved from the jaws of death.


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