Bizarre Arrivals

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      Let’s say this is real and we are all here together. This is truly a privilege. Let’s work together as Bruno suggested. It’s a start. *they each check every inch of the boat and are unable to find any foul play. They can’t find any foreign stands and their own stands seem to check out. Giorno returned to Bruno.* This is unbelievable.

    • Narancia
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      *Narancia had gotten information from Aerosmith.* Guys, this is not good! There’s something headed our way. *Just when he said this, the sea began to toss their boat around. They all hung on tightly and then struggled to get inside the boat to look for anything that would help them against the sea storm that was brewing beneath them. Lightning, thunder and the howling seas made their fury known to the boats passengers. Then a vortex opened not far from their boat. The sea storm tossed them right through and they ended up in completely different waters, these waves were even more violent and completely merciless with the little boat and the crew could only hold on and do their best to survive the ride.*

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      *Not only did the boat take a beating, so did the passengers inside. Parts of the boat began to break off, only because of their stands were they able to work together to try to keep most of the boat in tact. At some point they all lost  consciousness and then Leone felt something break. He heard strange sounds as if someone or something was breaking the boat apart. To his horror there was a giant drooling over the boat. Trying to finish breaking it when some kind of superhuman person slammed into the giant’s face and knocked it away. @saitama

      The person was so focused on the giant, he didn’t seem to notice them. Immediately, Leone began to shake everyone til they opened their eyes.* We have to get out of this area. The sea storm is still roaring and could hit this land any minute. And worse! I just saw a man eating giant. Hurry! Let’s find somewhere safe! *He looked around and had no clue were he was. They had finally reached the dark shores of the borderlands and had been thrown further inland.* Hurry! This place makes me uncomfortable!

    • Fugo
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      *Mista had been laying on his back pointing his gun up towards the sky. He had just seen the giant too. He felt he had been sent to some prehistoric nightmare. he couldn’t believe he had seen a giant. Leone’s words were the only thing to jolt him into getting up.* This is messed up! What the hell is happening? This is getting stranger and stranger! *He picked up Narancia and was giving Fugo a hand and helping him up.*

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      *Bruno was standing next to Leone and helping Giorno up.* Let’s go further inland then. I see some strange creatures watching us from a distance so let’s not linger around here and figure out where we are. Let’s find a place we can gather and make sense of this.

    • Fugo
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      *They ran for a long time, picking up whatever they could find to use as a weapon along with using their stands to fight off the strange and frightening creatures. They got some scratches. They almost lost a limbs trying to get away from these things. Then they saw Kakyoin who seemed to be dropping to his knees. Fugo pulled him up.* Mister? Keep going! Keep running.

    • Kakyoin
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      *He was relieved to feel someone pull him up and ask if he could run.* I’m losing my eyesight! Please run in that direction. *he pointed* My friends, they’re up ahead. *he whispered almost with no strength.* I think something is poisoning my body.

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      I see them up ahead! *he looks at Kakyoin.* Don’t worry! We won’t leave you here. Just hang in there. *he pointed ahead* I see them! They are headed in that direction where…*he stopped talking as he looked up and saw a girl with a green aura around here using telekinesis to drive away dangers. She had short green hair and a black long dress. He could feel her powers from where she was. It was as if she was sending out a signal for those that were seeking refuge.* Let’s see if we can make it to where she is at. We’ll be a lot safer.* @tamaki

      So they they did their best to focus on getting to safety. And later on they would make sense of what was going on. It was a demanding terrain with strange monsters chasing them and the earth trembling beneath them, the winds pushing them from here to there, the darkness over the lands only enhanced by the sudden lightning.* What have we gotten ourselves into? *he would wonder but he made sure they stuck together.*

    • Kakyoin
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      Thank you! *he said to them weakly and made sure that he tried to run as much as his body would allow him until they reached the area where there was a temporary shelter. The young girl asked them to go inside. There, he was reunited with Avdol and Polnareff. They rested there and were offered drinks, food and first aid kits. Even some medicine for the poison that would keep it from spreading completely through the body. They all looked at each other really perplexed but they were tired. Right now, all they could do was wait…. either for the turbulence of the lands to calm or……*

      // End of RP here to be continued elsewhere. //

    • Diavolo
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      *Diavolo had arrived with Giorno and the others but during the collision with the ocean’s waves and the ship he had made sure to distance himself so that they wouldn’t notice he was among them. He took to a raft and almost died battling the the stormy seas and it’s monsters. A strange demonic hand had grasped at him and seemed to have thrown him towards the shore. @kuroyassha Although shocked and battered, he felt that boost had allowed him to survive rather than drown in the dark and frightening seas. His eyes widened as he noticed that the danger was not over. He was surrounded by poisonous monster spiders, giant scorpions, man eating giants and the earth itself was not stable. For a moment, he wondered if he had fallen into the pits of hell. He allowed his survival skills to set in. Rather than fight each creature, he chose his battles carefully and slipped away from the giant creatures that could not keep up with his speed. He would find his way out of this place one way or another and he would find Giorno and get his revenge.*

    • Enrico
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      )) Enter Enrico and the Pillar Men ((

      **Enrico was another fallen priest who happen to bring some dormant immortals to the new dimension. They slept as stone sculptures in an abandoned museum in the borderlands. It only took some blood and a very ancient chant to leave them slowly awakening. Enrico left in a hurry as things in the borderlands were getting unbearable. Besides, he had to find Lord Dio, his old friend and assist him in his agenda.

      The Pillar Men are a race of ancient, super-human beings. A mix of humanoid / vampire. Many of their kind are extinct. Highly intelligent, extremely strong and able to manipulate their bodies their only vulnerability seems to be the rays of the Sun and the Ripple. In another dimension they encountered Joseph Joestar and friends and lost to him but in this new land, the events might turn out different. Another chance to eliminate their foe and seek out something they wished to obtain for so long.

      The Pillar Men’s physiology is different from your average human. The only visible difference is the small horns on their head. Displaying their horns is a sign of honor among them.

      The four remaining representatives of their species are Kars, Esidisi, Wamuu and Santana (SantViento.) Their stone pillar would no longer hold them now that Enrico had created the means to set them free again.

      Meanwhile, Father Enrico Pucci makes his way toward the exit of the borderlands. Pucci purposely made his way to the borderlands when he found out that Lord Dio was alive there and continued to seek his will to become God. It took a long time but during the impending apocalypse and the disturbance of the dimensions. Pucci was able to tap into the path that would lead him to Lord Dio. Stepping through the vortex that he opened, he brought with him the stone pillar that he would eventually leave at the museum with the resurrecting Pillar Men.

      Enrico made his way across the borderlands, not without obstacles. His encounter with the forest of flesh eating trees and strange spiders that spew acid forced him to use his stand Whitesnake to protect himself. All he had to do was say the words, ‘Die!’ and his Whitesnake would lash out against his enemies in a five-hit combo, leaving them crumpling. Several opponents struck by Whitesnake were left in an illusion that left them open to be easily killed by Enrico. The path before him became open, the trees left behind him withered and the giant acid spewing spiders, dead. He didn’t want to use his abilities to openly for two reasons. He didn’t wish to be noticed and also, he could feel that whatever the source of the apocalypse was, it was absorbing the magic of everything around it, especially when it was in use.* How interesting! This source, I must find out who or what it is. So powerful. *as he referred to Lady Helena. @sweetsugardemon . He could see that Tamaki @tamaki was the guide out of the area so he went towards her but he tried to clear his thoughts so she wouldn’t suspect anything of him. He was just a priest, leaving the borderlands and heading to the new world. But first he would end up in the temporary shelter when her noticed Zoro. Simply nods at him and takes a seat in quiet meditation.**

      @kars @esidisi @wamuu @santviento

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      *There was movement on the pillar stone. Santana was the first to become flesh again. He noticed it was bright outside and he quickly found things to cover the light that was starting to enter the museum’s broken windows. He looked at the pillar.* So, once more, I awaken first. I suppose it’s for the best since I am the youngest and they consider me their guard. *First he gathered books and information from the old and broken down museum. He listened carefully to all the movements outside to get a sense of what was happening. Then he would look through the museum’s old weapons and quickly learn their structure. Afterwards, he sat guarding Kars, Esidisi and Wamuu as the blood and enchantment slowly reached their bodies and they began to move more and more until the stone started to shine with the flesh of ancient Pillar Men.*

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    • Wamuu
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      *Wamuu was the next to burst out of the stone pillar. He would leap forward and look around. The cold slab of the ground made him take note of the building they were in. He also noticed it was falling apart. He noticed Santana.* I gather you have been free for a while now. *He turns towards the stone pillar and sees more movement.* Awaken my masters! It seems we have been given new immortality in a different dimension. *he makes Santana bow next to him as they wait for Kars and Esidisi to emerge.*