Dungeons og Ruins of Svartur Sykurfjall are ancient ruins with scattered deadly dungeon terrains that have been unexplored until the GrandSugarClan came upon it by chance.

It is believed the structure was built to summon and harness the power of another plane, it soon was home to an army of inanimate warriors, powerful constructs, and long-dormant spirits. It was too dangerous to venture into it due to the overrun wildlife and the rumors that the ancient army of long dead warriors sometimes came to life and attacked anyone who dared to enter within.

Not ones to be discouraged by any of this the GrandSugarClan and their allies began to explore and retrieve artifacts that would soon be returned to their proper domains.

((Property of GrandSugarClan))

+This group is mainly for family and friends of the GrandSugarClan.
+Rp as if you’re in ruins/dungeon area.
+New group members and new rp characters entering our group, please join Skyrie.net group and read the topics in the forum so that you understand how to get around Skyrie.
+Anything we deem to be a disturbance to the group will be deleted without warning.

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