The 13 Districts

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    April 22, 2021 at 8:03 am

    District 1: An area focused on the accommodation of the administration of Academy City. It’s lined with administrative and judicial facilities.

    District 2: The district’s primary focus are training areas for Judgment and Anti-Skill, and military-related facilities

    District 3: The most normal area of Academy City where students head to cafes, bookstores, poetry jams, recreation and socialize during the day time. It is a commercial district where several establishments that pay large sums of money to be there and in exchange they offer part-time jobs a for top students.

    District 4: The district’s primary use is for water storage, and in astronomical observation facilities.

    District 5: The district’s primary focus are universities and junior colleges, as well as accommodations to the students therein.

    District 6:
    mainly used for developing technology for an underground complex in the faces of land shortages in major cities.

    District 7: Primarily used for middle and high school institutions. Home of the windowless building and where most Science Side students reside.

    District 8: This district is mainly used for the accommodation of the faculty.

    District 9: Workshop and training area for students who’s focus is related to industrial and fine arts. Its purpose is for producing items that are needed for research within Academy City.

    District 10: Not much is known about the district except that the schools there are focused on raising athletic students along with their esper abilities

    District 11: Its primary usage is for the transfer of goods, and can be summed up as warehouse district.

    District 12:
    An area known for the collective theological community.

    District 13: A place located close to and often associated with Azukre Sarastus District. The area contains few facilities and establishments that carry a certain social stigma towards people, such as nuclear facilities and graveyards, as well as having poor public order and many delinquent students.

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