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Yujiro Hanma

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Full Name: Yujiro Hanma

Origin: Japan
Hair Color: Blood Red
Height: about 191cm (6’3″) / Weight: 136kg (300 lbs)
Fightingstyle: Mixed Martial Arts
Father: Yuichiro Hanma
Mother: anonymous
Lover: Emi Akezawa
Sons: Jack, Baki and Jiro
Unbeknown Distant Relative of Ranma, Santana (SantViento), Shuhei and Hisoka

Basics: Yujiro is cruel and arrogant. He’s merciless. In his opinion mercy is a “weak” trait. He’s also known to be brutal and emotionally manipulative. He believes that everything should be obtained with pure strength alone and therefore does not believe in using weapons. He considers his body is the ultimate weapon which proves to be more effective and deadly than any kind of other weapon or technology. S He works as a highly-paid freelance mercenary and assassin for various governments and organizations. It is unknown how much people or organizations pay him to do his mercenary job but judging from his expensive taste, it is extremely high. He is often called “the Strongest Creature on Earth” (地上最強の生物, Chijō Saikyō No Seibutsu) or “the Ogre” (オーガ, Ōga).
espite being wrathful, Yujiro is surprisingly patient and almost always keeps his cool. He is stoic most of the time, often speaking only what is needed and even just what is absolutely necessary to say.

Occupation: Fighter / Freelance Mercanary / Assassin

Alliance: Friend/Foe of GrandSugarClan

admin note: RL friend of Ranma Shukumaru Saotome of GrandSugarClan
I’ve taken liberties with this character for roleplaypurposes only, so fuck off.
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